Drakyndra, Evil Master of Fandom (drakyndra) wrote,
Drakyndra, Evil Master of Fandom

Talk, talk, talk.

So, I was chatting with Rob Shearman on AIM today. *pauses for mild flailage*

It was...very interesting. And great fun. We talked about music and the iPod Plan Of World DominanceTM. And I tried to talk him into watching Firefly.

He wins lots of points for calling Anne Rice bonkers. And these comments, which cracked me up:

Shearrob: I might have to buy another. Just so Ipod #1 has a friend.
drakyndra: Have a little iPod family
Shearrob: Yeah. I'd like that. Then they can breed.
drakyndra: That's how iPod nanos are created, you know
Shearrob: Yes... but one thing puzzles me. Where does the little Nano come out of?
drakyndra: ...
Shearrob: Exactly! *No-one knows.*

And there was Doctor Who talk liek whoa. We plotted to bring back Adam, and discussed the differences between this season and the last, and between the the Ninth and Tenth Doctors, and between Eccleston and Tennant and Eccleston themselves (He's met them. He's worked with them. That just makes me flail that little bit more), and opinions on various episodes and why we did or didn't like them, and why having the regeneration after just one season was a very clever move.

Also, I got some little hints that have hyped me up so much for later in the season. Not really spoilers, because they don't actually tell you anything, but I'll cut them, anyway.

The key bits of the conversation:

Shearrob: I shan't spoil anything for you. But the Doctor and Rose won't be alone again forever. :)
drakyndra: ...
drakyndra: ...
drakyndra: *has no words*
drakyndra: Okay, you just made me way excited for the rest of the series.
Shearrob: Well, I really don't want to give anything away. Because you might thwap me with something hard, from all the way in Melbourne.
drakyndra: With my almighty thwapping skills? Nah, hints are good, they get my hyped up. Especially because we have passed out of the part of the series I knew spoilers on
Shearrob: Well, ok. Let's just say that characters you think you've seen the last of may well return. In unexpected ways.

That's the key stuff, really. Now, whether the Doctor and Rose not being alone forever, and the returning character thing are connected or not is unknown, but in any case, I am so starting to look forward to things.

But yeah, chatting with Rob Shearman. *flails some more*
Tags: fandom: doctor who, keyword-58, spoilers, that rob thing

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