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Stolen Moment (No, not the fic)

Well, it has been a rather interesting day I have had - and night, I suppose also. I believe some explanation of the boarding house is needed a little beforehand, though.

Currently, the girls boarding house is packed. All the rooms are being used, and there is absolutely no space left over. So when we got a couple of exchange students from Germany, a couple of girls had to go and move into one of the rooms in the sickbay (Medical Centre, if you are being technical) In the setup of the boarding house, the girls room are set way back from the road, but the boarding house is just down a short drive, and the sick-bay is in the front part of it.

Anyhoo, last night (I am not sure what time. A bit past 10, I think), the two girls in the sickbay room (Annabelle and Rachel) were just sitting there. When all of a sudden they heard something. And some random freak has just slashed the fly-wire on the window. He then goes and throws a rock through the window (and from what I hear, it hit poor Annabelle)The guy just stand there and stares at the girls for a minute, and then reaches his arm in, and grabs Annabelle's wallet and mobile phone. He takes off, and Annabelle runs down to the office in absolute hysterics. The police turn up later, and everyone is really weirded out.

So the boarding house was burgled while the girl was in her room. So now Annabelle is completely freaked, the teachers are all strict, and everyone is wondering what the hell is going to happen next. A lot of people are going by the "Bad things come in threes" idea. First the girl through the window, and now this.

Which is freaky, I have to say.

Oh, and in response, our school had an emergency lockdown drill today. That's 15 minutes of my life I am not getting back.

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