Drakyndra, Evil Master of Fandom (drakyndra) wrote,
Drakyndra, Evil Master of Fandom

Curse you, social life, for preventing me from posting!

Good Lord, I seem to have a social life at the moment. That's kind of scary.

Anyway, Tuesday evening meant another CHAS meeting at The Pancake Parlor. (Mmm, pancakes...), which was as entertainingly random as ever, especially when we discovered plans for next semester, and the astounding fact that we actually have money.

And then, afterwards, we went to the movies. To see The Da Vinci Code.

I am sure a few of you are aware of my opinion of Dan Brown's books. So I wasn't expecting much from the movie. To be brief, I will just say that it was a lot better than the book - not that that is actually hard. I always said it read like a movie novelisation, and so the movie fit the story better. No painful prose or blocks of exposition that just piss me off, or the oh-so-Sueified personal descriptions.

So, it was okay. Watchable, but not particularly good. The Pirates of the Caribbean trailer was awesome, though.

Then, last night, fa11ing_away had gone and arranged for a late Birthday dinner thing, so yay her! So fa11ing_away, punk_rock_nerd, altheas, lena_supercat, de_chel, knave_scurvy, bellmeister, ranorith and me went out and Mexican. Which is quite yummy and fun and all. Especially the part where I had rather too many margaritas.

And then we toddled up to The Croft Institute again (hurrah for weeknights and no entry charge!), which now official qualifies as AwesomeTM. Which was also yay fun. And Pink Grapefruit and Gin = yummers.

You know what? This social life thing, it is actually rather appealing. I can see why people go for it.

Also, My fandom is completely bonkers.

And The Cornfield and The HMS STFU have imploded somewhat, due to vanceone being a misogynistic wanker. So naturally, when I am not being outraged, I discuss Doctor Who with a cool mouse.

Oh, and Rob Shearman remains awesome.
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