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Missing: 1 drakyndra. Last seen Friday.

Okay, sorry all for being slightly MIA as of late. After I got back from my little Melbourne excursion last Friday, I had a whole heap of stuff to post that night. But for some unknown reason, the internet was completely screwed up. And since aas a boarding house, our net goes through the school, none of the computer techs would come and fix it over the weekend. So I went three days without posting, or even being able to go online. Needless to say, I was not amused.

Oh, yes, I had a lot to say about my trip to Melbourne, but I have pretty much forgotten it all now. The Indonesian seminar was helpful (we were talking about the oral exams), but the reason that I was happy to be in Melbourne (to buy Something Rotten) sadly didn't pan out like I had hoped. Despite the fact that it was supposedly released on the 1st, not a single one of the five bookstores I looked in had it in stock yet. So now I am waiting for the local Angus & Robertson to call me when it arrives.

Oh, and life is very hectic at the moment. I have two tests this week (although I already had the first one, for Maths) this morning, and my second folio piece, the one about fanfiction, is due in on Friday. I am currently waiting for my teacher to return the first draft. Only two weeks of term left, then holidays again. Yay! But due to the infernal busyness, which will only get work as next term and the dreaded exams approach, I doubt I will be able to get any more fic writing done. Sorry!

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