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Rose, Rosefen and the Metaphorical Bitch-slap

Quick meta that I want to get off my back before diving into my Folio editing again.

Note: Though in a few bits this might sound slightly anti-Rose, it's more anti- fans of Sueish!Rose. She annoys me at times but I don't per se hate her - I just severely dislike the idealised version certain parts of fandom insist she truly is. It starts off a bit ranty, but then I get into the meta-type stuff.

If there is one thing I am really sick of amongst a lot of fandom, it's the fact that in certain parts of fandom, whenever Rose displays some of her less desirable personality traits, the jealousy or bitchiness or selfishness or whatever, the automatical response from a whole bunch of people will be "Oh, she's just 19, that's normal."

And on behalf of someone who was (until a week ago) 19 years old, I just have to say: No. Just no. If I had acted like Rose has on some occasions, like she was to Mickey or some of her more jealous moods, my friends would have bitch-slapped me into next week.

Hell, when I was fifteen, I did act rather like that (though less clinging to a boy, and more friend related), and you know what happened? I got hugely (metaphorically) bitch-slapped. Big mondo fight, and some of my friends didn't speak to me for weeks.

And so I moved on, grew up, grew out of it. Got over it. Because they aren't nice character traits, no matter how old you are. And so to those Rose apologists, could you please stop telling me it's mormal, it's natural, she's a 19 year old girl and is supposed to be like that - No, she isn't.

That said, I think what we are coming to this season, and in the build up for Rose's departure is that metaphorical bitchslap. She's being immature and petty, and you know what? She is starting to pay for it.

In fact, that's what we've been seeing - Rose's metaphorical bitch-slap. Starting with the mighty pwnage from Queen Victoria, and then from Sarah Jane showing her her place in the Doctor's life, Madame de Pompadour, Mickey and alt-Pete, and whatever else is going to go down.

It sounds terribly harsh, but life is like that - it's the hard lessons you remember. You don't learn from someone saying you should pay more attention from others, you learn when your best friend tells you that sorry, they have other people they'd rather spend time with. It's that metaphorical bitch-slap, that gets it through to you. Rose was told the Doctor was worth the monsters, here she is getting her metaphorical monsters. How she copes with it will shape the person she becomes.

(Yes, the Doctor is also paying for his actions, though on a less emotional, and more physical level. And a much grander scale - I am guessing that by the end of the season, he'll be saying sorry for a lot more than one person. Only a God sees and sorrows for every little sparrow that falls. How does a God cope when a hundred, a thousand fall?

And it all ties in with my theory about how this season is all about actions versus consequences. We are getting consequences, be they emotional, physical, from the micro to the macro. How it ends, though, is the big question. In every case.)

Rose is getting her lesson - you pay for the price for how you act. And hopefully, hopefully she will learn from this, she will grow and become a better and more well-balanced person. And just possibly, once she has leanrt this lesson, she might just choose to step out and do her own thing, whatever that may be.

So please, people, don't try and explain away these things. They are flaws, but they are still Rose. She's no saint, she's a person. At times a selfish, immature, jealous person - and at times someone who would fight to save the world, who has saved the world. Canon!Rose might annoy me, but nowhere near as much as Saintly!Perfect!Sue!Rose. Let her be flawed, and let her learn from it.

And for Christ's sake, stop using her to make other 19 year olds look bad. I'm sure there are some like her out there, but there are also an awful lot who aren't.
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