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Vote for fanfiction to be studied in English classes!

Mrs Smith, my English teacher has finally gotten around to reading the two fics I gave her for my writing folio. She quite liked them both *glomps to Mrs Smith* but preferred Tale As Old As Time, so I'll be using that one. But we can only do one fiction piece. Since she found the background info I wrote on fanfiction interesting, she suggested doing an informative piece on that. So everyone, anyone, come give my ideas about what topics to include etc. Go check out the thread I started about it on FA.org:

Also, she found the list of quotes from fanfic (mostly by Cassie Claire) very funny. She went and read some of them out to the class.

I love English.

Thankies to maegunnbatt who has finished betaing my next fic it should be up soon.

We had the maths competition this morning. It was...interseting.

I swear, my body clock must be about three hours faster than everyone else's. Everyone else is going to bed, and I'm still bouncing around. And I have this urge to sleep in to noon - which I did almost every day on the last holidays.

Anyway, at about 12.30, when I was just heading of to bed, I was struck by a ginormous plot bunny. It seems I must be a bit of a masochist, but now I have just started writing a first person POV. FROM LUNA'S POV!! I must be completely mental. And I'm sure she's completely OOC. I'll post a couple of paragraphs tomorrow. Tell me what you think then.

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