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The Theory of Everything

Well, since we are approaching the end of school very quickly (it is quite scary how fast this term has gone, actually) we have reached our final topics in Chemistry and Physics. Both of which are highly theoretical - Atomic Structure and Theory in Chem, and Light and Matter in Physics. I amsure most people will find these rather boring, but personally I think it is fascinating - we get to talk about stuff like Quantum theory, and so on which I personally am intrigued by. (To the point where I am actually seriously considering majoring in Physics at Uni) I have the slightly geeky advantaed of having read about this stuff in my own time - I actually read A Brief History of Time last year, for no real reason!

Yes, feel free to bag the geekiness that is me.

Oh, and my English teacher gave back my draft for my folio fanfiction essay. She quite liked it, so I only have to make some minor alterations - I am hoping by the end of this, at least one of the people who mark it (I can't recall if they have two or three) will be converted to fanfiction. Here's hoping!

And a slightly amusing meme I gacked:
If LJ Was a Bar by Karen_Walker
Dancing Badlylafina
Playing Poolrynne
Playing Dartsjeconais
Singing Karaokegreen_fairy_
Got in with a Fake IDseraphina_snape
Guy with a Mulletaeque
Too Drunk to Standsilver_apple
Hitting on Everyonesandy_phoenix
Hot Chickmaegunnbatt
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