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Links List: The Ultimate in Procrastination Tools

Since, I am trying to get these links back to being a reasonably regular thing – and to keep me entertained in this time between exams, because one cannot study constantly, I thought I really ought to get onto the next one of these.

Also, I is trying to make it quite good, seeing the attention that the last brought me from certain sources. (And to the ficcers, cheers to you! Write something I deign worthy of recommending, and who knows who might be reading your fic next)

So, here it is!

My previous Links Lists can all be found here, as always.

Harry Potter

I think we know the drill about this fandom by now, really...

Looking For Something. And it's the inevitable after Doctor Who's Tooth and Claw, a Harry Potter crossover, featuring everyone's favourite chocolate obsessed werewolf. A great little fic, with some fun dialogue, and characterisation that is rather deeper than it may first seem.

The Shakespearean Woes of JK Rowling. AKA, sporking the hilarious demands of those with and over-developed sense of entitlement, gunderpants style. Very, very funny, and I am demanding a sequel, dammit!

Ron Weasley's Notes Just a little excerpt from Ron's Hogwarts notes. Or rather, the space which should be his notes. *grins at the pictures*

La Vie Boheme: HP Style. Take one rather splendid song from the RENT soundtrack, and use it to make a Harry Potter fanvid. Freaking brilliant. The person who came up with this must have had a devil of a time, because the clip choice in matching the lyrics is quite hilarious. Lots of fun.

Doctor Who

The current fandom of major obsession, and rightly so. There has been some very, very interesting stuff going down lately. As it were.

But fic and other stuffs a-plenty. (Other Stuff is found below the fic, for all those wondering)


Since last time worked out so well, if a story has spoilers for a particular episode I'll list it below that, but anything before Series Two is up the top.

Flowers For Romana. Short but sweet (and hilarious), the Fourth Doctor and Romana discuss Valentine's Day customs. The dialogue has to be one of the funniest things I have ever read. Also, cute as hell.

We'll Always Have Paris. A Jack-fic, told in the style of Hitchhiker's Guide to Galaxy (Complete with Guide entries). Witty and oh so very clever, it deals with Jack just after he loses his memories, and crosses over with a certain Classic Series story...

Generic Doctor/Rose Post-Ep Fanfic #24236. AKA Nos mocks predictable shipperfics. Some references to School Reunion and The Girl in the Fireplace, but it's a parody that pretty much speaks for itself. Also, the accuracy of it is frightening. And makes me a bit sad for the fandom.

And another by Nos, this time an unnamed ficlet, about Rose and the TARDIS, and both their relationships with the Doctor. Well, the emphasis is on the TARDIS and the Doctor, really, but it's beautiful and thoughtful.

The Christmas Invasion

Senses Working Overtime. A Five Things ficlet of a sort, in which the Tenth Doctor explores his new body and new senses. And, being Ten, you know what's going to happen when it comes to taste... Bookended by a lovely concept based around his childhood that really defines the Doctor.

Max Yasgur's Secret Stash. The Doctor and Rose land at Woodstock. Slightly random and completely silly, but so, so much fun. Seriously, how can you not love the mental image of the Doctor singing along to Who Are You?

The Big Blue Box of Powell Estate. It has only the very slightest reference to School Reunion, but that doesn't really spoil anything much. In any case, it's a charming story about the children of the estate, and how their myths in the ordinary. The outside POV of the TARDIS and it's coming and goings is fascinating.

Fifty Eight Facets. One of those rare but brilliant things, a Firefly/Doctor Who crossovers. Only a short ficlet, but very very clever, in which Ten meets up with River, and she sees a few things that no human should ever have to. Some hints at themes for later in the series, but no real spoilers.

The Girl In The Fireplace

What Is Wished, Revealed. Oh my. *coughs* Well, we've all seen that the Tenth Doctor has an awful lot of attention of a certain type. It;s not really surprising that people might fantasise about him, just a little. So, here we get a few people, and their fantasies. And what they get up to whilst fantasising. Ten/Rose, Ten/Reinette, Ten/Mickey (of a sort), Ten/Sarah Jane and Ten/self. Very hot, and very NC-17. And surprisingly deep in places.

Helen of Troy (or, Working Out The Steps As We Go Along). Set when Reinette and the Doctor went off to "dance", this is basically a PWP, but which such glorious characterisation you'd barely notice. I adore the way both the Doctor and Reinette are written here, it's so different and yet seems right.

That I Lost My Centre. A gorgeous and slightly AU Ten/Reinette fic, beautiful and sad and slightly painful, about the price we pay for love and being loved. Poetic, and it hurts in the best possible way.

In The Eyes Of A King. It's probably a bit biased for me to rec this, seeing as I gave feedback on it durin gthe beta-ing process, but it's such a lovely original concept that I couldn't help myself. The events of TGitF, as seen from the King. A lovely character voice, and the analogy for the Doctor is clever and beautiful.

And new and wonderful for all us Ten/Reinette shippers, out very own comm: fireplace_man. Hurrah!

Rise of the Cybermen/Age of Steel

Five Things That Didn't Happen To, Because Of, In Spite Of, Or In The Proximity Of Rose Tyler. A great and unique set of AU concepts, from the painful and poignant, to the hopeful, and the just plain brilliant. This must be read, if only to see some of the wonderful concepts of what might have been.

Travelogue Fragments and stories from the travels of Rose and the Doctor. Stunningly beautiful and so very intricate, full of beautful layers and complexities. Very hard to describe, this is one of those stories you really have to read to understand.

Extract (Artificial Vanilla is Sweeter). One of the shockingly rare fics, which takes a sexual relationship between the Doctor and Rose, and shows just how fucked up and wrong it really could be. Because the two of them, they aren't simple and all hearts and flowers, and the hard edges seem a lot more real than true love. But then, I always love a bit of messed of psychology in my smut.

Liberation. Considering the, you know, masses of subtext, I was amazed there wasn't more Mickey/Jake or Ricky/Jake fic. But this'll do for a start – a lovely story about the differences there were between the alternate worlds, and the alternate Mickeys, and how they effect both Mickey and Jake.

The Impossible Planet

What You're Not. And more fic that is less about happy endings,a nd more about the inevitable heart-break Rose's relationship with the Doctor will bring. Rose imagining all the things that she wishes the Doctor was, and all the things he really isn't. Painful but so sad, you can't help but pity Rose as she clings to her impossible dreams.

This House Is Not For Sale. An AU based on the concept that the Doctor and Rose are trapped in that time, with a little shared house back on Earth. Very atmospheric, it gives a great idea of the claustrophobia the Doctor must feel, and the sharp edges of understanding that will always come between the Doctor and Rose. And a surprisingly hopeful ending.

Other Stuff

The Best Picspam ever. A comparison between Mal (from Firefly) and the Tenth Doctor. Not only is there all that wonderful pretty to look at, but some of the comparisons show some remarkable similarities. *loves*

Dr. Who. Or, Dr Phil, ala Doctor Who. In which he helps someone who is having some difficulties with their marriage... to a Dalek. Just plain crazy.

DocJack Mountain. It was inevitable, really. A Brokeback Mountain parody trailer, for Doctor Who. Great fun, though my favourite moment has to be the combination of the "Lies we have to tell" line with that scene playing in the background.

Doctor Who motivational posters. Just plain funand funny. And quite true, if one reads the captions, really...

And from Ye Old Oupost Gallifrey Forums, we have the ...FROM BEYOND THE GRAVE!!! Thread. Had me quite literally in tears of laughter.Sheer batshit brilliance inspired by that one line of Lumic's.

Also over at the OG: Madame de Pompadour portrait. Someone has taken a genuine portrait of the actual Madame de Pompadour, and with a little help from Photoshop, has altered it to fit into Doctor Who just a little more. Brilliant work, and the sneaky things hidden in the background are great fun.

And a final OG thread, and highly recommended for all members to read carefully, The public's official verdict on the new Doctor. For anyone having any doubts at all about the Tenth Doctor – or even those who aren't, but are worried about others' responses, I'd read both the initial post and the following comments very closely, and pay a lot of attention.

Other Fandoms

Your fandoms for today: Life On Mars, Star Wars, Star Trek, Serenity, something by Neil Gaiman, some Da Vinci Code mockery. And some other randomness.

A new system of labelling pairings in fics. fandom_wank, you always bring on the funnies. And this comment thread just never stops being funny. Ever.

And something from the f_w wiki. Solely because seeing my name mentioned in the wiki fills me with a bizarre sort of glee. Particularly in this context – remember that "mystifying chat that went on for months", misscam?

Life On Mars. For all those people who on my flist who have not as yet seen Life On Mars, and are interested in obtaining it – and like me don't usually got with torrents – let's just say I might prod you in his direction.

Revenge of the Sith in cartoon. Well, the first half, anyway. Damned funny, particularly the lovely takes on the dialogue.

And also Revenge of the Sith: Cat Version. Yes, it's ROTS being acted out by cats. Really. And it's effing hilarious. And cute as all hell. I admire the person who got out their camera and took these pics, the have a gloriously cracky mind.

William Shatner singing a tribute to George Lucas. Because it is just a brilliantly bonkers concept, and no-one takes it all too seriously. *chuckles at the Stormtroopers*

Knights Of The Round Table: Star Trek version. Okay, this is just plain fun. Clips of the Star Trek Original Series set to the Monty Python song. Brilliantly silly.

Serenity: The MST3K version. Because as much as I loved the Serenity movie, I do love seeing things get MSTed. It's just so much fun.

A Study in Emerald A short story written by Neil Gaiman, which won a Hugo Award. Also, it's a Sherlock Holmes/Lovecraft crossover. There are no words for this kind of awesome.

The Internet Theologian Explains The Da Vinci Code. Because some things can never be mocked enough. And to see it done in such glorious style is damn funny. Some of the stuff in the comments is quite brilliant, also.

RPG Motivational Posters. Because making motivational posters is always good for a laugh, but these guys? Have turned it an artform. That thread was 149 pages long last time I checked.

Proof entertainment is not solely dependent on fandom

Hey, I can like other stuff, too!

The Evolution of Dance. 50 years worth of dance styles in six minutes. Completely hilarious, particularly when you realise just how familiar some of these dances are.

The Extreme Diet Coke and Mentos Experiment. AKA making chemical reactions fun. Seriously, the amount of rehearsal and experimentation that must have gone into this is astounding. In any case, it's awesome.

Geeks in Love Music Vid. Because it's one of the most adorably funny videos I have ever seen. And I wish I could watch it in slow-mo so I can see all the references, which probably says an awful lot about me.

The Demented Cartoon Movie. Because dodgy graphics, stick figures and complete and utter randomness never cease to entertain. Kamikaze watermelons! The world ending! People's heads falling off!

Saddam and Osama. Apparently, some American TV show featured this a while back. Let's just say, it's one of those things that has to be seen to be believed.

Kinky Service. Someone decides to have a bit of fun with anime subtitles, and takes a yaoi anime from somewhere, and makes it...rather amusing. Watch it all the way through, it gets very funny near the end.

10 Things I Hate About Commandments. An ad for the movie "The Ten Commandments"...done teen movie style. Utterly hilarious, especially with it's voice-over image mixing.

The world's best anti-AIDS ad. Oh, those wacky French people, where-ever do they get their ideas?

Some gorgeous Escher-esque art. I ahve no idea what absolutely anything around it says, because it is all in Russian, but the artworks themselves are brilliant and slightly mind boggling.
ETA: And some more from the same artist in English, courtesy of xwingace.

Scientific Truth in Product Warning Labels. See, there are true warning labels, and then there are true warning labels. These would be the latter. And rather amusingly so, too.

elgooG. Because it is quite simply an amusingly cool concept.

And that makes almost 60 more links, and some time killed for me. Um, yay?
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  • So, about LJ these days...

    Well, LiveJournal seems to be headed on the out, given some rather questionable changes to the terms of use, and mass migration to Dreamwidth seems…

  • RIP Sir Pterry

    What a thing to wake up to. I ended up crying over my breakfast as I read all the tributes today. I just don't really know what to say - in spite of…

  • Caffeine truly is the lifeblood of government

    So to follow up on that last LJ post of mine, way back when, I am now: - In Canberra - In my own apartment - A week into the new job ...a job which…