Drakyndra, Evil Master of Fandom (drakyndra) wrote,
Drakyndra, Evil Master of Fandom

Ooh, shiny new-ness!

Today is a good day for me and shiny new things.

Firstly, my new haircut, which is shiny and fantabulous and wonderful (even if it was kinda expensive), and I like so much I went and took a photo of it to share with you all.

(Plz be ignoring the dark roots, okay?

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And then, my birthday present from fa11ing_away arrived, aka the Fourth Doctor scarf! Which is also fantabulous, and much fun. (Also, very, very long)

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So, much to yay over. Also, after the hair cut, I wandered down into the city for a little bit, and bought myself lots of lollies. Mmm, sugar. And some choc-coated coffee beans, which are my personal crack.

I am in a very yay mood.
Tags: clothering, keyword-130, picspam

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