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Brief comments before I dash off again

So, a very, very quick review of Love & Monsters:

I loved everything about it except the bloody green monster. The characters, the fan in-jokes, the human Victor Kennedy, even the lack of Doctor-ness worked for me. But then the monster turned up and, quite frankly, sucked.

You can kind of tell it was made by a kid, yes?

But everything else was great, and we did get some foreshadowing liek whoa. I is interested. And the next one looks good.

It's just...If it wasn't for the monster, I would unreservedly say I loved it. But the monster means it was mostly stuff I loved, with this one bit I really seriously disliked. *sighs* So I don't know how that works out overall.

Oh, and time_and_chips was on Confidential I am told. Yes, really. Sweet fucking Lord.

*wants that uploaded NOW*

ETA: I think I found the perfect song to listen to while considering this episode.

ETA2: I'm reading the reactions on the OG. Forget what I said before, I think I love this episode if only for the reaction it's getting. Bring on the backlash indeed! *dances*
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