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I'm on Ecstasy! - Eldritch Lacemaking and other Randomness

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September 10th, 2004

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08:22 pm - I'm on Ecstasy!
No, not the drug, but the emotion. Why, you ask? Well, in my last period of school today, where I was fortunate to have a free period (last period Friday, which is the best luck ever), I got a phone call. And yes, I am aware that technically I am not allowed to use my mobile at school, but still...
Anyhoo, the call was from Angus and Robertson. The bookstore, Angus and Robertson. The one where I had ordered Something Rotten. And the girl on the phone told me it had come in!

I am so very thrilled! I am in town tomorrow, for my last time shopping in Geelong for this term, so I will be able to go pick it up. So expect me to be reading it then. Oh, I am so happy. aeque, I'll tell you what it's like if you want to know...

In other news, I am also happy because a) I handed in my folio piece. So all I have to do know is wait for all the markers (It gets cross-marked by different people, to make sure the marks seem fair). Oh, and b) my Indonesian oral test is also done. One more Indo test, then it's time to study for the exam...

Still, it's all enough to get me in a very good mood at the moment.

P.S. I have also updated my last link to "Dave's Web of Lies," a website that has been clinically proven to bring health, wealth and happiness to all who visit it.*

*Note - This is a lie.
Current Mood: ecstaticecstatic
Current Music: "Orpheus" by Ash

(14 comments | Leave a comment)


Date:September 10th, 2004 05:16 am (UTC)
*is jealous*

I'm re-reading TEA...
[User Picture]
Date:September 11th, 2004 03:21 am (UTC)
Guess which book I am reading right now...
Date:September 12th, 2004 02:15 am (UTC)
I choose to be sarcastic.

The Ten Habits of Highly Effective Boarding Students, by Al Gore, or his other book, Harry Potter and the Balance of Earth?

[User Picture]
Date:September 12th, 2004 10:58 pm (UTC)
Because we all know that Al Gore wrote the Harry Potter books...

Date:September 13th, 2004 01:33 am (UTC)
It's a joke from Crimes of the Hot, Futurama Season 4.

I... acquired it once, along with Leela's Homeworld.

Both very good episodes.
[User Picture]
Date:September 13th, 2004 11:34 pm (UTC)
Season 4, eh? That is on the cards to be bought by me sometime next term.

And by aquired, are you referring to the type of aquisition that comes off the internet and is, strictly speaking, illegal?
Date:September 13th, 2004 11:44 pm (UTC)
Strictly speaking, I didn't take it off the Internet.

And it's a good thing I know you haven't seen Leela's Homeworld - I might have ruined it accidently.
[User Picture]
Date:September 14th, 2004 12:58 am (UTC)
I knew this one guy, at my previous school, who downloaded all 4 seasons off the net. He was a lot of fun, and we would alwyas quote it at one another.

"You're not normal. You're better than normal. You're abnormal."
Date:September 14th, 2004 01:52 am (UTC)
The professor has a great out-take there.

"Daddy Bender, can we have Bender Burgers again?”

"Nah, sorry kids, the cat shelter’s on to me…"
[User Picture]
Date:September 14th, 2004 08:16 pm (UTC)
Don't you love Bender when he has those kids?
Date:September 14th, 2004 11:53 pm (UTC)
"Hello, Golden Dragon Restaurant? I've got a little herd of 'You-Know-Whats'..."

It is cute, especially the ending. But you haven't seen cute until you've seen the Lovey Bears from Love and Rocket...
[User Picture]
Date:September 15th, 2004 04:17 am (UTC)
You are trying to make me ask you about it, aren't you?

Well, I won't no matter how hard you try. I refuse to give in to spoilers.
Date:September 16th, 2004 01:57 am (UTC)
Actually, I wasn't trying to make you do anything, but I'm sure you'll love them.

I know how you feel - I've been half avoiding someone who wants to spoil The Why Of Fry.
[User Picture]
Date:September 16th, 2004 04:47 am (UTC)
Maybe I'll try and suck up to my sister's best friend, who has all the seasons on DVD.

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