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I saw PotC2 last night! Whee! OMGYAY!

The non-spoilery reaction - yeah, it suffered from a bit of sequelitis (you know, retreading a few jokes, the tendency to try and top the first movie et al), which is sort of inevitable considering how good the first was, and this wasn't quite as good.

But that said, I haven't enjoyed a movie that much in ages. It was visually impressive, made me laugh so hard I cried, had a wonderfully twisted plot and was just so much fun.

Also, going into it completely unspoiled was a good idea. Very rollercoastery "What the hell will happen next?"

I've had a good week for not being spoiled.

On that subject, to borrow a quote from someone else's comments, OMGWTFBARBOSSA?

Seriously, I did not seeing coming at all. That makes two big villains arriving at the last minute to shock the hell out of me, both of which I wasn't spoiled for.

Hehe. Barbossa: like the Daleks, in a way.

Dear lord, it was fun.

And advice to anyone going to see it: Stay for the end of the credits. It's worth it.

*needs a pirates icon*
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