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Doom doom doom-ity doom

Non-spoiler version: I think it pretty much works out as I really liked the episode for it's own sake, but the second it finished, I was suddenly dreading what the shippers would make of it.

Because as good as it was, there was so much fodder for badfic.

But I think when your least favourite thing about an episode is that it makes you worry about crazy shippers, than it's a pretty good sign.

Oh, and anyone who says Tennant can't act after seeing this episode will be feeling the back of my hand. Srsly.

Firstly, yes Rose's development was completely botched - girl is majorly fucked in the head. However, as I wrote a little while back, Rose is the thing that I really pay the least attention to when it comes to the episode.

So having something that you really don't care about somewhat screwed up? Not a huge issue.

To do what I always do, and resort to bizarre metaphors, if you don't care how your hair looks, than a bad haircut won't bother you, yes?

It's a little disappointing, because they could have made me actually like her if she'd pulled a Mickey, but instead my opinion of her didn't change at all.

Though I have a little hope for her - even if she hadn't learnt from Sarah's message, the Doctor had, at least - give people a goodbye, give them a resolution, give them proof of an ending and then they can start to move on. So there's still a chance for Rose.

Also, why the fuck does everyone think the Doctor asking Rose about the baby implied he was wondering about timebabies. Dude, she has a job, Jackie is two months gone with a man she's had to completely had to re-learn, it's obviously been months. If it was his, Rose'd be way showing. The Doctor knows that much about biology, at least.

And she just told the Doctor she was living with Mickey. I thought it was pretty obvious he thought it was a Mickeybaby (what with him having seen her emo of Mickey leaving and all...)

That entire scene gave me huge School Reunion flash-backs actually.

(And I thought of misscam when they said Norway)

What else...

The Dalek vs Cybermen bitchfests? Best. Thing. Ever. I would quote some, but it was all so fabulous.

And the Daleks pwned, yo. I love Daleks liek whoa, and these ones were just awesome.

And I adored the way the backed up when they heard about the Doctor - actually I adored the Dalek-Doctor scene in it's entirety. What with all the little Time War hints, and the Doctir being all dark and awesome and Tennant doing with cool sneering his version of the Eccleston showdown. (Lesson learnt from this - Eccleston doesn't do anger better. He does shouty!anger better. Tennant does some fabulous cool viciousness, though)

Mickey was teh rock, as always, and there were some great moments from other Jackie and Pete. "How rich" indeed. And Mickey and the Doctor's look when Jackie says there hasn't been anyone.

And the Doctor kissing Mickey on the head, whee!

Yvonne was quite awesome, from her frantic "Queen and country" wails as she was Cyberised, to Cyber!Yvonne which was just brilliant and unexpected.

Also, your anti-ship thought for the day: When Rose is being sucked into the void, what does the Doctor do to save her?


Doesn't move a muscle to save her, doesn't let go of the magnet-whatsit, doesn't do anything apart from yell. He just keeps hold to keep himself from being sucked in.

So much for self-sacrificing love.

And for all the people who say it was ripped off Pullman, I was not a fan of that ending of his, so for all my apathy to Rose, I preferred this. Whereas there was like no set-up for it in Pullman's books, there was set-up here.

Finally, who the hell is Catherine Tate, and why is everyone so outraged by her appearance? I found the ending hilariously brilliant, actually. Just when we thought it'd be all emo and tragic, you've got a random lady in a wedding dress!

Oh, and I almost forgot, the Black Dalek got away!
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