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Field of Dreams

And the Athletics are done for yet another year - my last, actually, now that I come to think about it. After all the fuss with Emma and her knee, heaps of people seemed to want to fill in her races, so all I ended up doing was the 400 metres. I ended up coming 4th out of 8, narrowly missing out on third because Haley, the evil girl, overtook me with about 10 metres to go. But I am fairly pleased with myself, comsidering I haven't actually run the 400 since I was 12 years old - a whole 6 years ago. Unfortunately, afterwards I was so exhausted (partially due to a lack of sleep last night) that I couldn't walk straight due to dizzy spells. That'll teach me not to train for running events.

Overall my house, Morrison, came 4th out of 8, which is quite good for us - our Head of House has promised us all doughnuts. The winner, yet again was bloody Calvert. Oh, I so hate Calvert. They are the evil house that always wins, the Slytherin of my school. The had better not win the Cronk Cup (House Cup). But yay for Morrison, the house with the unfortunate colour of Brown, and a symbol that is either an eagle or a hawk, no-one is quite sure.

Also (and my parents will probably be interested if they are reading this) I have gone and submitted my initial application to VTAC. So you should be expecting a receipt for $16.50 any day soon.

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