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Any party you leave with a balloon is a good one. FACT.

In any case, last night I was with Teh Family for my cousin Andrea's engagement party. Which meant meeting up with lots of the rellies, and a whole bunch of friends of the couple whom I had never met before and thus was vaguely bemused by. Still, I got all sorts of interesting family goss: my cousin Alistair and his wife are expecting a baby in December; my cousin Jacqui is back in Melbourne after several years in London; my cousin Katherine is in Thailand with her boyfriend (so unfair...)

Oh, and Andy's wedding will be in April next year.

What else... oh, I got to chat to The Sister about school (in her final year of school, you know) and her plans for the future. Apparently she wants to do Medicine. To which my response was to wishe her luck, and remind her to keep Science listed somewhere on her preferences in case she doesn't get into Medicine.

Also, The Sister decided she wanted to be mentioned on my LJ more often. Despite the fact she doesn't actually read it. Huh.

Which earned her this comment from Mum, on how to be more entertaining:

Mum: "Get drunk and pass out."

But back to the actual party. 'Twas held at one of the rowing clubs on the Yarra, so there was a nice view, and the decorations were fun (balloons, whee!) And the food weren't bad either, even if there was a slight deficiency of vegetarian-suitable nibbles. The cakes were great, though. And the drinks were... free-flowing. Until they ran out, of course.

But yes, fun. Hurrah!
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