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And the Randomness for today is...

Firstly: lookie! I have a new picture! (The quote is from Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy if you were wondering) I have worked out a way to make my own pictures, despite not having Photoshop or any of those graphics programs. Unfortunately, I can't make anything animated, but I can use screen-captures, clip art, photos, and pics from the net with a bit of editing and adding quotes etc.

And a few things from what has gone on recently:

-Approximately 10 minutes after I posted yesterday, my Mum rang up damanding info on my VTAC application. Freaky. Apparently, she checks it just before she leaves work each day. So I went and filled her in.

-I had an immunisation this morning. So my left arm has been sort of achy and stiff all day.

-We had our last Current Affairs thingo today, and it was really good - we had this comedian guy. He was hysterically funny, so it was nice to finally have someone decent for once.

-Had my last Indonesian test. Um, yay. So I now only have a Physics test, two Maths tests, two Chem tests, and an English essay before all the in class work is done.

-I found out that apparently there was a screw up in the tallying of points yesterday. Which means Morrison has been bumped down to 5th. Boo! *shakes fist*

-Oh, and I came equal fourth in the girl's Boarding House footy tipping. Go me!

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