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Tales from the Other Side

And as is probably rather obvious right now, I am back from my school holidays.
Sorry to be so MIA, but I was online a grand total of one time over the last two weeks, and am thus really behind on everything that is going on with everyone else. So please, feel free to update me on any vital information.

And a few snippets of stuff from the last two weeks

- Got to the Fforde signing! Yayness! It was quite entertaining, AND I got to meet one of my favourite authors. Also got to meet aeque albeit briefly (and was mentioned for it on the Fforum). Sorry that I had to take off so quickly, but I went to see The Producers after that. BTW, I highly recommned the show - it was hilarious. Bert Newton as a Nazi! *snerk* And Leo Bloom was such a sweetie.

- Whilst in Melbourne, I also bought some more Pratchett books, bringing my grand total to 17 of them. And it will be 18 when I get Going Postal. The wait is killing me!

- Also saw A Midsummer's Night Dream, which was also good (I saw it in the caves at Naracoorte) It was very interesting, mainly because I knew several people in it from my previous school, or from my Dance concerts.

- Managed to watch a lot of DVDs (and listened to commentaries - I love them), which wasn't really very educational, but what the hell.

- My sister and I managed to also get back in touch with our Sci-Fi geek roots, what with all the watching of Futurama, and the day I spent watching her Star Wars videos. (Note to self: must buy the DVD set) Sis also revealed her plans to buy the Farscape DVDs with the money from her new job.

- And had two practice exams today. And my Indo Oral REAL exam tomorrow. *stress*

Oh, yeah, someone I don't know has gone and friended me. Care to introduce yourself, random stranger?

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