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ZOMG! Betrayal at House on the Hill = the best game ever! laurenmitchell had it at the Basement today, and damn it was fun. The first game, I ended up getting blown up, and the second time we defeated a Tentacle Monster.

I so need to play this game more often.

There was also a Mythologue workshop for FAS today. I had an idea for a story, but whether it shall actually get completed is a complete mystery. Yes, even to me.

Oh, and HPS might be brain-melting, but damn it's interesting.

Was chatting to The Sister earlier. We discussed her mid-year exam results - Bs for both Chemistry and Biology, in case you were wondering - her recent very early 18th birthday party, which she had in Portland on the weekend, the fact she is heading on the school ski trip soon, and her plans for Uni (currently, La Trobe seems to have swung into favour again)
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