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Back to Hell (aka School)

Well, I had my Indonesian Oral exam yesterday. It went fairly well. (I think) No giant screw-ups, although a few times I forgot what the Indonesian was for something, but I didn't lapse into English, and I think my grammer was okay - and they seemed to understand what I was talking about, which is always a plus. There was a slightly amusing moment, when talking about watching movies (I was asked what I liked to do in my spare time), I mentioned that one of the movies I liked was Pirates of the Caribbean. Which lead to a discussion between the examiner and I about how good looking Johnny Depp was.

As a reward for myself afterwards, I went and brought the new Terry Pratchett book, Going Postal. I must say I quite like it, even if like most of the recent Discworld books it seems to be a little darker, but it has a lead character I adore, lots of Vetinari, cameo roles from Sacharissa Cripslock and several of the wizards, and some references to both the LotR movies and Buffy, off all things.

And am back at school for my final term EVER. Which is a very weird feeling, but it is still school. Ick.

So today we got our English practice exams back (I got 33 out of 40, which I am quite pleased with, considering most people seem to be somewhere in the 20s). Aftrewards, when going through it, Mrs Smith the English teacher was handing out lollies for people who had did things right (had more than 5 quotes in an essay, had at least 5 paragraphs etc.). I ended up with 14 lollies, so yayness!

Also, in chemistry we were doing these experiments with Magnesium being heated, and somehow I managed to cause the end of my test-tube to explode. But the broken tube looks quite cool, so I have decided to keep it. It can go with the collection of diodes that blew in Physics last year.

And something Ijust remembered: many glomps to Elspeth from the signing, for coming up with the most fitting plural noun ever: A Banana of Randoms.

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