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Some random excerpts from Uni

- In my script-writing class the other day, several of us gave a Greek Choral reading of the textbook's copyright disclaimer. Which was... unique.

- An amusing quote from my HPS tute: "Until palmistry invents me a plasma TV, I'm not going to believe it."

But HPS is currently love. Mind-bending love, but love.

- Also, ARGHPSYCH! *falls over crying*

In three weeks time, I am due to give a presentation to my lab class on an article relating to out lab assignment. A presentation no longer than 20 minutes.

How bloody long is it supposed to go for? And how the shit am I supposed to talk for that long? I mean, I'm good at talking, I just don't say very much.

*sighs* If anyone actually cares, the presentation is on "A temperamental approach to humor" by Ruch and Kohler, from The sense of humour: Explorations of a personality characteristic.

Bastards never told me about this on the subject info.
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