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Turn my back on fandom for just a few hours (Because I had to actually, you know, study and all), and the shit manages to hit the fan. Multiple times.

Firstly, on the plagiarism fiasco: Apparently it wasn't just Cassie Claire. If ever a post was going to cause wank, this'd be it.

Meanwhile, over in the Doctor Who fandom, we have some interesting news about S3, as well as Doctor and Martha pics.

And naturally, the photos have been causing chaos. Of many kinds (just take a look around, and you'll see), but most notably, the declaration of Martha as "a chavvy whore". To which I respond: Bitch, please.

Oh, and apparently if you wear dark trousers and shoes, you are a "clone of Rose".

Personally, I really like Martha's outfit - the hair is rather interesting, and I love the jacket. The suit is a bit less of a nice surprise, but it has grown on me a bit. So not hate, but I'll wait and see about it.

Oh, and we have some David/Billie RPF which is giving me teh lulz.

Oh, fandom...

ETA: To the people who have been in the fandom longer than me. Exactly how many late 20th century companions did the Doctor have in a row? Please post your reponses to everyone whining about having a saying they can't have two 21st century companions in a row.

ETA2: Ah, the sweet taste of sanity.
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