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Note to Self: Stop being so bloody forgetful!

Ack! I was supposed to have a phone lesson for Indonesian right now. But I went and forgot my damned Indonesian folder. And when I went back to the boarding house,it was already locked. Stupid, stupid , stupid. *bangs head on the wall.

I went and told my mum about my LJ last night. She was interested, and said that she'd take a look. So if you are reading this, Hi Mum! *waves*

I actually started to explain about all the fanfiction stuff, but she said she knew what it was. My mum knows about fanfiction! I mean, he explanation may have been "It's what you are always reading on the computer," but still...
And she is in on the HP world - she borrowed all the books of me so she could read them. She also went and bought both the DVDs for me and my sister. So *glomps* for my mum.

I have a chemistry SAC today, on electrochemistry. For non Australians, a SAC is work that counts towards you're finalmark, but is set and corrected by the individual schools, within certain guidelines. This one is basically just a test.

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