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I vant to suck your blood!

So, today I was attacked by my umbrella.

No, seriously. I was about to head home after Uni, and it was raining, so I grabbbed my umbrella out of my book-bag, and when I went and opened the damn thing, it went and collapsed on me. And cut open my hand, the bastardly thing.

Seriously, the thing wants my blood! I spent five minutes sitting there, trying to work out how to fix the dratted thing, and without even noticing, I got blood all over my hand. It's positively diabolical.

So now I have a vampiric umbrella. And am afraid to go to bed, in case it decides to eat me in my sleep or something.

*looks hesitantly over at book bag*

Also, in my so-called Astronomy prac, instead of doing actual prac work, we went and wrote questions for our mid-semester test. (Basically, everyone submitted one multi-choice question and answers, with reasoning for the correct answer, and 20 will be selected for the actual test). Which was fun, because I got to write a nasty trick question about General Relativity, and falling into a black hole.

I love Relativity, it's so much fun.

Oh, and from my response, it appears it'll be just fa11ing_away and me to see Snakes on a Plane. Have you people no taste in movies?

*hears an umbrella rustling in the distance*

Excuse me, I must be off now. *flees*
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