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This is not the Links List you are looking for

I was originally going to have this up before Doomsday, in order to have something interesting to look at before fandom went and imploded.

Um, oops?

In any case, this List is now completed, with lots and lots of links for your perusal. I'm just now... a bit late. Oh well. The next Links List was going to show up sooner or later.

So, here it is! Yay!

Past Links Lists are here for your browsing pleasure.

Harry Potter

Me, start with non-Potter links? You've got to be kidding me...

We Didn't Start the Fandom. The history of the Harry Potter fandom, told in four minutes. I defy you not to sing along. I DEFY YOU! *shakes fist* Made of awesome, in any case.

List of Lists. A list of HP reclists. On my reclist. It's awfully recursive, isn't it?

And a nice comm for HP recs: hpficmasterlist. Lots and lots of fics, which can be found sorted by character or ship. No gen from the looks of it, sadly.

The HP backstory told ala LiveJournal. Complete with sockpuppets, defriendings, and people living fandom.

Guide to the HP Fandom. In map form! This is just complete and utter awesome.

Please Do Not Stomp On My Little Girlish Heart Petition. Because it is just that adorable a petition. And because Ron is Teh Win.

Hogwarts Students and the Cult of Venn. It's a HP fanfic. About Hogwarts students writing fanfic. Complete with Venn diagrams. Hilariously meta, and mental in the best possible way.

For the Good of Wizard-Kind. Remus Lupin writes a letter to the Daily Prophet, and a whole lot of people fail to get the point. Again, hilariously meta in points (there's a few remarks that sound awfully familiar to those who frequent certain sections of fandom), and lots of fun.

A Suitable Girl. A marriage law challenge of a different kind. Narcissa Malfoy is in search of a suitable wife for Draco. And the candidates prove to be... interesting. Crackified and hilarious.

Bits, Bobs, Odds and Sods: The Eldest Brothers Weasley in their Natural Habitat. Correspondence between, about and just in general, from the Weasley's that get the least amount of attention, Bill and Charlie. A lovely and fun depiction of brothers in peace and war.

Light, and the Stars Beyond Yes, it's a Doctor Who/Harry Potter crossover. But Tooth and Claw and the "pervy werewolf fancier" Doctor sort of made that an inevitability. In any case, the Doctor meets and is fascinated by a certain werewolf, and he and Remus meet and bond of loss and loneliness.
Sad, but beautiful. (And somewhat hot, really)

MsScribe and sockpuppetsFriends

For something that caused such a lot of trouble and fandom implosion, there were certainly some mightily interesting things spawned by the MsScribe Saga.

To start with, the saga itself, which remains a must read:
Preface and Chapter One, with links onwards to later parts.

...Or you could just try the Table of Contents.

The fandom_wank wiki has a good summary of it, as well. With lots of links to assorted miscellany, and icons liek whoa.

MsScribe Saga Venn diagrams. Rather necessary in figuring out who is who, and what their relationships are with one another. Particularly when it comes to all the bloody sockpuppets.

And then there is also The cast of characters.

The Woman who Sued Herself, or how MsScribe turned herself into a real life Mary Sue of sorts. Fascinating reading. And amusing, in a sort of disturbing way. This thread in the comments is worth a look, too. (PROOFBRICK FOR THE WIN!)

The Case of Fandom vs MsScribe. Possibly fandom_court's crowning moment. The Sock Hydra makes it worth reading certainly, though.

At Her Grace's Behest, part 1 and part 2. Yes, it's a mina_de_malfois/charlottelennox fic, but what else could you expect from two of the most famous mystery women in fandom? And since Charlotte deals with BNFs, and Mina is, of course, the epitome of BNF-dom...

On The Run. Just a little ficlet about a minor but significant figure in the whole saga, told in a lovely film noir-esque type style. Very cute and clever.

Buy your very own sockpuppet! Yes, it's sockpuppet advertising. The quick and easy way for you, too, to become a BNF, with a minimum of actual talent.

Doctor Who

Yes, my main obsession as of this moment in time. And the fandom I have the most involvement in, hence the excessive linkage. But it never stops being fun, even if there are times when I wish I could just spam people with "Cheer up, emo fandom!" messages. Or smack them with Cluebats.

But despite the silly, there's a lot of not so stupid stuff around. Or things that are silly for all the right reasons. Fanfiction or otherwise.


Current spoiler system: Anything from before The Christmas Invasion is up top. Below that, I list stories by the last episode they have spoilers for.

To start with, The Tenth Doctor ficathon. A number of the other fics I have recced were for this ficathon, and there was some very, very good stuff – and some very diverse stuff – written. In any case, the spoilers and summaries vary per individual fic, so you'll have to look through to see what fics your reading desires.

Both Worlds. Another take on the half-human thing (yeah, I know for some it's blasphemy. Personally, I am still undecided). But an exploration of the Doctor's childhood, and how he became who – and what – he is.

Dull Day in August. The Fourth Doctor and Romana, discussing holidays, detectives, and other randomness on Southport Pier. I adore the little kid and how the Doctor interacts with her, personally, but it's just lots of fun and slightly mad dialogue.

Then Sleep The Season. An AU of Romana with Mickey as companion, but more a study of Romana and the Time War, and how she copes with the consequences – including the loss of the Doctor. Painfully sad, but very beautiful.

His Own Man. Jack, post Parting of the Ways, trying to work out who he is and what he wants, out on an alien world. Very evocative of the alien world, and a great take on a slightly more... subdued Jack.

Time. Rose dreams of Death, who looks a little different than she might have imagined. A brief little touch on what Rose saw with the vortex in her head, with some rather dark undertones about who the Doctor really is.

The Christmas Invasion

Retroactive Continuity. Another take on the half-human thing, but one that's dark and twisted and nasty. And so very, very wrong that it's right. A boy should always love his mother...

Choices of Gods. Not really spoiling anything for Ten and Rose, but hinting at a lot of things, so it has a bit more resonance for those who have seen all S2. In any case, Rose and the Doctor meet with a God, and taste that power for a little while. Poetic and strange, and with a hint of bad things coming.

The Consequences of Kissing. Another play on the differences between humans and Time Lords – or to be precise, one particular human and the Doctor. And how the same actions can have very different meanings for the two. And if that isn't enough to draw you in, mmm, bondage...

Curtain Call. A smutfic, but a really dark one. A relationship that can never really work, and a girl who still deludes herself that it might, and an ever-so-slightly alien Doctor. As a commenter says, using to sex to show the imperfections of their relationship.

How It's Done. The Doctor has lived a long time, and done a lot of things. And sex is just another thing to do. In which the Doctor ponders sex and what it is for him, and why Rose can never quite understand that.

Catalyst. In which a young girl gets taught how to make things explode by an interesting substitute teacher named Smith. Ten and Ace, in an interesting mind-bendy way, and it's oh-so painful and sad, yet inevitable.

Machu Picchu (The Old Mountain). A beautiful little genfic (well, for the most part), told by an ancient resident of Machu Picchu. Another fascinating cultural tale, and another take on the Doctor as a god concept. Beautiful and unique.

Drose. Because some things should not be allowed. Ever. A great parody of the smushed ship name phenomenon, complete with some utterly hysterical pairing names. (Seriously, Fister is the best thing ever)

We'll Always Have Paris Hilton. Ten and Romana, and assorted celebrities. And Angus the Trouser Snake. And snakes on motherfucking planes. Oh, how I love nostalgia_lj's style of crackfic. Because it always makes me LOL.

Humanhood. Another of Nos's fics. Because sometimes, there are no good euphemisms. And yes, the Doctor does enjoy pretty much anything he can do with his mouth.

The Trouble With Tongues. Crack smutfic for the win! The Doctor likes to use his tongue. And to tell Rose about all the other times he has used it... Silly fun.

Tooth and Claw

Mockingbird, Part 1 and Part 2. There's a stranger with the Doctor's face. But who is the real Doctor, and what do they want from her? I've recced a few of icebluenothing's fics before, but this is the first longer one they've written (I believe), and it's a doozy. Really clever, too.

The Girl In The Fireplace

Wine. Because there are times when you just want to read a fic about luxury and hedonism, and Versailles is one place to find it. Also, one of the rare Doctor/Reinette fics that is, at heart, happy. But what couldn't be, when it is about joy in life?

Generations. An AU and a what-if, with so many lovely ideas – Reinette travelling, even if briefly, on the TARDIS, and an old couple who have met the Doctor many, many times, and a bit of background for Susan (yeah, I have a strange fondness for her), and the way it ties in old and new canon, and it's all just utterly lovely. One of my favourite fics, I think.

Living by the Clock. A post-episode fic for Reinette, and her thoughts, on her life, and on the Doctor, as she waits for the Doctor to return. Sad and forboding, and a beautiful take on Reinette.

That As To Hanging... Put here for only vague spoilers to GitF, but set some way after it, in which the Doctor and Rose meet up with a famous historical pirate of the female persuasion at various points through her life. The historical detail is fascinating, and also, it's pirates! And Doctor Who!

Charming. The Doctor goes and gets drunk. With the Doctor. Yeah, it's vaguely Doctor/Doctor. But drunk!Doctor is always a fun read. Even when he's emoing at himself.

Man in the Blue Box. It doesn't spoil anything, but knowing GitF probably adds a bit more bite to the end of this story, which is the Doctor as Peter Pan, as the frightening fairytale, and how he steals away children and childhoods. Fascinating and sad and almost scary.

Rise of the Cybermen/Age of Steel

not under the vault of another sky. Slightly Jossed by Doomsday, this is the story of the alternate Sarah Jane, and her life, and her relationship with alt!Harriet Jones. Tragic and dark, and vaguely horrific in the way the alt universe was.

Guy Fawkes Has Nothing On Us. Over in the Alt world, Mickey and Jake save the world, and Mickey comes to terms with changes – and with not being a replacement for Ricky. Because subtle Mickey/Jake is love, you.

You're Far Beyond My Reach. Very much jossed later on, but this is a fascinating take on Mickey's life in the alt Universe, and a very different ending for him there. Intriguing in it's differences, and very sad.

Messages From The Past. I'm not entirely sure when this is set, but it's after Mickey's departure I believe, so here's as good as anywhere. The Doctor has a word with Time, who is not at all pleased with him. Fascinating and metaphorical (and a little bit meta).

The Idiot's Lantern

Petals. Rose and the Doctor visit Amsterdam. With drugs and flowers and public sex (yes, it's smut). And pictures! (Of Amsterdam, not the public sex). Cute and hot.

The Impossible Planet/The Satan Pit

Hey Now Hey Now. Rose coming to terms with the fact that "everything ends" and realises that with the Doctor, there are no happy endings, and maybe the best has past. It's sad and dark and very much foreboding for what is still to be.

Selfish Dreams. After the deal with the Devil, Rose decides to seek comfort in the Doctor. But it isn't that simple. Smut, but with a really dark twist. Rose is naive, and the Doctor is manipulative, and there is always that temptation to take control. Wrong has never seemed so fascinating.

The Fallings. I love minor character fanfic (and especially sarah531's minor character fics), and TIP/TSP gave us some wonderful minor characters. Here, Sarah explores the stories behind what the Devil said to each of them, and how they tie into one another and where they ended up. Dark, but brilliant.

Love & Monsters

Misconceptions. The tale of Rose Tyler, as told by her neighbour. Who, as implied by the title, comes to some rather incorrect conclusions. And every now and then, some quite correct ones, too. Highly amusing.

Fear Her

Supersensory. How better to explore the Doctor, and his mysterious slightly-other-than-human sensory skills than with smut? Rose gets a brief taste of what it's like inside the Doctor's head. And, let's just say, fireworks. ;)

Army of Ghosts/Doomsday

Lessons Learned. It's just a drabble, but boy, can 100 words say an awful, awful lot. Scary, but so accurate.

Signature Piece. A short and simple piece about Rose and a certain piece of jewellery, and moving on and memories.

The Difference Is In Those Little Details. Rose just keeps running into the alt!Doctor, in so many forms. But it's entirely worth it all for the ending. And I do like the fact that the alt!Doctor remains... the Doctor. No instant bonds and OTP love that shouldn't exist.

Far Away Into The Silent Land. Rose moves on with her life in the alt Universe, with a little help from Mickey and another – slightly different – form of goodbye from the Doctor. Sad and beautiful, and with a great concept at it's heart.

Norwegian Journey. Every year, Rose goes back to visit a beach in Norway. I like the way we have a Rose who doesn't forget, but still moves on, and love the use of Rose's little brother, who is too adorable for words. Kids always do say the things adults wouldn't dare.

How Life Goes On. After the events of Doomsday (and The Runaway Bride, but there aren't spoilers for that, seeing how little we know), the Doctor meets up with Sarah Jane again. Non shippy, just filled with gorgeous and fun interaction between Sarah and the Doctor, just talking and being them.

Doors. The Doctor, and everyone who has been lost and left behind, and the marks they leave behind. As one of the reviewers says, haunting. And it makes you feel so sad for the Doctor, and everyone he's had to lose.

Between Dreams. The Doctor is haunted by dreams of Jack, and what everyone he has left behind, or might be left behind by. An explanation for the "How long are you gonna stay with me?" in Army of Ghosts, and using Jack as an avatar of guilt and more in the Doctor's dreams.

Synonyms for Love. Because Love can mean an awful lot of different things. And the Doctor has loved an awful lot of people. The two series of New Who so far and before and after, and everyone who has been loved and lost by the Doctor.

Illumination. Many years into the future, the Doctor returns to the alt Universe. And him and Mickey have a long talk. A great exploration of how the Doctor effects others lives – for both good and bad – and how is effected by his companions.

Something Blue. Set immediately after Doomsday (yes, including the Bride), it's an entertaining take on The Runaway Bride, complete with shirtless!Doctor, pink elephants and all told from Donna (the Bride)'s POV.

Dalek vs Cyberman. Doomsday, ala fandom. Short but sweet, and hilarious.

Antifreeze. After Doomsday, the Doctor has a little chat with a certain anthropomorphic personification. Dark humour at it's best, and the dialogue is brilliant.

Battle of Wills. "Rose wants to move on, but no-one will let her." A great little parody of cliches that post-Doomsday fic seems to have already picked up in such a short time. The author's note at the start makes it worth reading alone, but the fic is fall over laughing funny.

Role Play. Rose decides if you can't have the real thing, you can pretend. The most hilarious smut I have read in ages. Also, it has the funniest ending in context ever. And the visual of Jake in Doctor glasses and scarf, and nothing else.

The Lady in the Tower. Post-Doomsday, Jack/Yvonne smut. Now, consider Yvonne's state at the end of Doomsday... Oh yes, it's a bit kinky this one. But hilarious crack smut is good for the soul. Really, I swear.

THE FIRST TEN/REPLACEMENT FIC ON THE INTERNETS". Written before we had knew about Martha Yes, I am that far behind in doing this list, but full of lulz, if only for the lovely applicability for Replacements of any and all sorts. So long as she was a she.

And for something completely different, David/Freema RPF. Because there are times when you just want to read oh-so-wrong things about celebrities.

Other Stuff

Doctor Who rec50 challenge. Fifty recommended Doctor Who fanfics. Not all are entirely to my taste, but going through reclists is a great way to find fabulous fics you might not be familiar with.

Anime TARDIS Crew. Anime versions of Mickey, Jack, Rose and the (Tenth) Doctor. Officially the most adorable thing ever.

The Usual Suspects. Just a lovely bit of fanart, featuring all the canon Doctors, and a few that were not so canon. Quite cool, and the art is pretty damned good.

Benny Hill meets Doctor Who. Spoilers for Love & Monsters. Yeah, it's insanely silly. But you were all thinking it when you saw that bit of L&M...

Cyberspamalot. Because insanely silly fanvids are always worth a look. And this one wins at insanely silly.

Speaking of silly, I'm Right Behind You Toby. It's amazing what changing the lighting and background music can do to a scene (Spoilers for The Impossible Planet. Hilarious spoilers, natch).

Doctor Who Fan Song. Courtesy of The Chaser's War On Everything, this is a highly amusing, and rather cute little parody. And they are dead correct on some of their fannish detail.

A day in the life of Geoff the Cyberman. You find the craziest stuff on eBay, honestly. But you got to love a seller who has a bit of fun with things.

An Olympics 2012 petition. Spoilers for Fear Her, but oh what fun! The internet is full of crazy petitions, but this is an amusing one that I can agree with, one hundred percent. Read it, and see what I mean.

Doctor Who: According to Ant. ant_power recaps the last two series of Doctor Who, episode by episode. I am highly amused. Particularly by the final thoughts on each episode.

One week after Doomsday aired. Or, how Doctor Who fans amuse themselves between series.

And some funny from Outpost Gallifrey:

It's all the Best Boy's fault!. We know who should really be blamed for all the flaws in New Who.

Just how do Daleks pass the time?. Spoilers for Army of Ghosts. But most amusing.

And finally, not from the OG, but OG related, The Love Island Forums. After Doomsday aired, a few OG types got bored. And decided to invade the Love Island forums. So the whole thing got turned into an utterly brilliant OG parody, whilst the Love Island fans were completely bemused by it all. I'm not sure how many of the invaders still post, but their effects should still be felt...

Other Fandoms

Mina de Malfois

To start with, there's mina_de_malfois, the LJ that started it all. Some of the entries are open, but most are flocked – friend Mina here, or at one of the assorted mirrors, and you too can read about Mina's adventures in BNF-dom.

Other author's Minaverse things. Recced by the lady herself, and including the charlottelennox crossover "By Her Grace's Behest" which I recced above.

Fandom Wank and Associates

A Brief History of Fandom Wankage. Yeah, it's been around rather longer than you might think. Just ask those trilobites...

The Fandom_Wank wiki on Christianity. Yeah, it's a fandom. According to f_w, anyway.

And a corollary to the last, The Bible is fanfiction! Oh, and Jesus is a Mary-Sue.

Over at fandom_lounge, Motivational Posters. Fandom_Wank does motivational posters. And is highly amusing, truly. But wait, there's more!. For a variety of fandoms.

A Beginner's Guide to Faking Your Death on the Internet. Exactly what it sounds like – a step by step guide to faking your death on the Internet. With lots of handy tips for the beginner. Remember, a post without a omg is a post incomplete. (omg!!!)

And as an extra-special bonus, Power Player. Yes, it's that Cassie Claire/Heidi fic. Because this sort of crack should be shared with as many people as possible.

Snakes on a Plane

All Your Snakes Are Belong To Us. Snakes on a Plane combined with All Your Base... Is there any possible way that this could not be awesome defying words?

Snake On A Plane Fan Trailer. Because it made me giggle. And you can never have too many Snakes on a Plane links. EVER.

Star Wars

Star Wars on a Banjo In the tradition of Snakes on a Plane-esque titles... Exactly what the title says. Well, sort of. The Star Wars Main Theme. Played on a banjo.

Pirates of the Caribbean

Dead Man's Chest: Breadbox Edition. Because I can never have enough of movie parodies. Ever. And this one is lots of fun.

A Davy Jones cartoon. Because it's so insanely obvious I can't believe no-one had done it before. Still cute and funny, mind.

Five Big Stories Jack Tells Which May Be True But Nobody Believes. No, it isn't a fic – just an amusing selection of answers to a meme. But, damn, they are funny answers.


Can't Stop the Turtle. It's a Discworld/Firefly crossover, what more do I need say? The Serenity crew takes on a job from an orangutan. Great fun for fans of the two series.

Life on Mars

Episode Downloads. Because everyone should see this show, it is just that good. And the bloody ABC hasn't shown it (and I will be buying the damned DVD as soon as it gets released her in Oz).


A sporking of Eragon. If ever a published book could use a good sporking, it'd be Eragon. And glory of glorious, someone kindly decides to do so. Highly amusing, though still a WIP.

Just general fandomness

Because I mentioned it briefly before, the rec50 challenge. 50 fics recommended for assorted fandoms. Take a look, see if there is anything that is in your fandom and takes your fancy.

Don't Like? Don't Read! A Tragedy in Five Acts. Because crack meta is the best thing ever. And this wins at crack meta.

You know the fun that is characterhate? Let's go back to where it all began. The original in-character hatememe. Glorious, glorious fun.

That is not considered a fandom

Because not all fun needs to have a canon.

The Best of YouTube. Exactly what it says on the tin – some of the very best YouTube videos, of all sorts.

Very Funny Ads. A selection of funny ads from all over the world. Amusement of all kinds (And I do like it when advertisers show a bit of cleverness)

A news reporter loses it at a crazy fundamentalist. The fact this was apparently live on air impresses me greatly. You go, reporter lady!

Butterfly Lovers. Taking Ballet to the next level. Some seriously impressive acrobatic ballet. Jaw-dropping stuff, really.

Treadmill Dance. Quite possibly the most amusing dancing video clip ever. It has dancing... on treadmills.The choreography is quite impressive actually.

Sun Fizz. When people actually put a bit of logic in their ads. Mental, but in the best possible way.

The Internet is For Porn. As performed by World of Warcraft characters. Ah, the funny, she never ceases with that song.

The Proper Words Song. Because there are times when yu just get completely sick of euphemisms.

Do-It-Yourself Jackson Pollock. Just drag the mouse around, and click to change colour. It's mindless fun, really. And it's art!

The real effects of media controversy. A cartoon that gives a pretty good example of the effect critics getting outraged by the current book/movie/TV show/whatever will tend to have on it's popularity.

Flying Spaghetti Monster Erotica. Taking "touched by his noodly appendage" to a whole new level.

Infinity. Yes, it's a picture of infinity. Really. Very, very cool.

The Unintentional Worst Company URLs. Yeah, it's a bit silly. But people really ought to take a bit more care when they set up websites for their company.

The Moon: A Propaganda Hoax. Yes, that's right, there is no moon! Oh, you naive fools, for believing what the authorities have told you...And some more things the government doesn't want you to know.

The Armageddon Flow Chart. Because if the world ends, it'd be very nice to know precisely in what order things happen.

Four word film reviews. Exactly what the title says, but these can be pretty damn clever in some parts.

Pluto has been defriended. Yet again, I want to give Pluto a hug.

Pluto responds: Planets have feelings, too. Because it's nice to hear what Pluto has to say on the un-planetisation. I've decided that Pluto is now my favourite planet, just to be different.

Livejournal Page Not Found. Ah, ye olde 404. Refresh it a few types for much amusement. (I am rather fond of the haiku, personally).

And another 404 page. Written in the style of a certain paranoid android, this always give me a bit of a smile.

Cats and Kittens

Because photos of kitties never get old.

Litterbox performing "Marked Territory". A flash drive of Heavy Metal Cat Rock. Yes, that is heavy metal... performed by cats.

Cats That Look Like Hitler. Photos of cats. That look like Hitler. Pretty simple, really. But quite amusing. Also, kitties!

My Cat Hates You. And, from the world of cat related amusements, hundreds of photos of cats giving the camera evil looks. The captions only add to the entertainment.

The Infinite Cat Project. Once upon a time, someone posted a picture of their cat on a forum. And then someone else posted a picture of their cat looking at the cat photo. And someone else again posted a picture of their cat looking at the second cat looking at the first. And so on and so forth, we have now the infinite cat project.

Kittens of Darkness. Kitten related geeky motivational posters. Adorable and funny.

Kitten For Great Justice!. Because you can never have too many photos of kittens. Ever.

And, finally just to self-pimp, Kitten Spam!. The sure fire way to cheer oneself up if you are down.

And that is, in total, more than 130 links. Note to self: Do not leave list this long again. *facepalm*
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  • Technology is a wonderful thing

    Now, this has been an interesting few days for fandom. First, Doctor Who managed to upload "The Night of the Doctor" as a web mini-episode, which…

  • I Aten't Dead!

    Oh my poor dear Livejournal, how neglected you have been. Well, as I think some people may have noticed, I do still occasionally comment on various…

  • In which I link lots of previews and pretend like I never left.

    It has been a while since I posted here, hasn't it. Whoops? It my defense, I've been busy with Teh New Job and what-not. And... other forums, I…