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Holy crap!

Was lurking around a few threads on the OG, when I stumbled upon a recent - and rather unexpected post from Teh Moff.

(From here)

In response to a previous commenter's "Writer Steven Moffat has all but admitted that The Doctor & Rose were sexually active as of the 'Doctor Dances' episode"

Teh Moff:
"I say, no I didn't! The whole scene was about the fact they WEREN'T at it - indeed, it was the Doctor being slightly hurt that Rose hadn't even considered him in that light.

There's precious little evidence they ever got up to anything, I'd have said - that it doesn't stop it being a love story, of course (it clearly was) but unrequited surely?

Oh, it's all sex with you lot, isn't it? And when the writer of Coupling says you're banging on about sex too much, it's time to start listening.

Steven Moffat

Did mine eyes just decieve me, or was the word "unrequited" just used to describe the Doctor/Rose relationship by someone in the know?
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