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Sooo, on the 18th and 19th of September, Jasper Fforde is going to be doing Q and A sessions, and book signings in Melbourne. On the Monday at Readings in Carlton, whilst Tuesday is Dymocks in the city.

I mention this because I entirely intend to go to one. The debate is to which.

Initially, I thought it would have to be the Monday one, because the time of the Tuesday one is when I have class. However, I was informed that the signings were during the mid-semester break. (And much facepalming came from my direction...)

So, it's now just a matter of which I would prefer. And, of course, if any of my friends are attending either as well.

Any thoughts?

If you want more info, Jasper's appearances page lists details. The Fourth Bear signings, come one, come all!
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