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Family business, yo.

So, The Father was visiting Melbourne last night, so we went out for dinner at a Brazilian place. Which wasn't bad (except the part where they didn't pay attention when Dad booked and said I was vegetarian, so I was stuck with the salad bar all night. At least the salad was nice).

They also had very, very nice cocktails. Which I forget the name of. Oops.

The performers after dinner were entertaining. The costumes were... interesting, all feathers and sequins and not much else. But the partnered dancers were quite impressive, and the music was good.

In fandomly news, look what's back... FROM BEYOND THE GRAVE!. Yes, it's a resurrected hatememe. Or anonmeme, or whatever.

Like most hatememe, it has lots of bitching about people/groups/sites/ships/whatever, some warranted, some not. But, on a more amusing note we have: Vicki/Martha porn, pervy thoughts about BNFs, Casanova shipwars, gratuitous Panda fics, claims of having had two DW writers, the greatest smushed ship name EVER and finally, a thread which confused me greatly when I found it.

Oh and there's also someone claiming to have S3 spoilers. They haven't shared them so far, worst luck.

On the subject of S3 spoilers we have: Info on Martha's family, info on the Shakespeare episode, and our first sighting of Doctor/Martha handporn.

Oh, and there's a 14 year old girl on the OG going by the username "thedoctorandmartha" having changed her name from "Rose Tyler..." I find this utterly adorable.

ETA: Spoiler!mouse from the meme has come through. Note: If true BIG FUCKING SPOILERS.
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