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So, Steve Irwin is dead. Death by stingray - what a way to go. At least it was doing something he loved.

That said, it disturbs me a little how cheery some people are about his death. Yeah, he was a bit of an idiot and promoted a horrendously cliched image of Australia. But he also did a lot of conservation and all, and had a wife and kids, and for all the manner of his death is amusing, in an ironic sort of way, being happy because he is dead just seems a little heartless.

On a more cheery note, some more fun stuff from dw_anon: The Ultimate Showdown of Ultimate Destiny (featuring Nos and Kammgirl); Steve/Dave slashers FTW!; A "Doctor loves them all" comic; a Steven Moffat vs Rusty bitchfight; a rather nice post-Doomsday minific; a ship second in awesomeness only to Dish; a friending meme, of all things; Ood porn; an explanation of Steve Irwin's death (!!);

Oh, and there's this thread about me. Which is mostly positive, but the bits that aren't positive are... enlightening. I'm a female hating slasher WTF? Oh, and elsewhere I'm a Romana fan.

Which reminds me, I must get around to watching my City of Death DVD one of these days...

Oh, and we have Video footage of the Doctor/Martha handporn.
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