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Alas, our evil plot has been revealed!

The latest from dw_anon: The Sekret Cabal of Masters of Doctor Who fandom have been revealed! Our diabolical schemes of choosing who in fandom will be hated, loved, oppressed and just mercilessly mocked have been thwarted! Now who will decide who is in, and who is out this week?

So far it's shown up at clairvoyant_wank, but not as yet fandom_wank.

I bid you adieu, my lovely comm of diabolical plots of oppression, evil, and general domination of fandom. And really cool tags. *waves the Gayliens farewell*

ETA: chocolatepot is made of awesome. "You're right to be frightened. One time, she made a post where she said that she liked Reinette better than Rose! That made a corner of the fandom slide off the cliffs and into the sea ... it will forever be known as Drakyndria, the lost continent."

ETA2: And it's hit fandom_wank
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