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Completely and utterly unrelated to fandom. Really.

Since fandom distracted me from posting some of the stuff I had originally intended to over the last few days, I thought I had better play a bit of catch up.

So, some random stuff about RL:

- I have discovered that it takes less time to travel to Uni than it does to listen to the entirety of Tchaikovsky's Piano Concerto Number 1 (In B flat minor). This is dependent on how long I have to wait for a tram, mind.

- The other day on the way to Uni, I was passed by a car entirely painted in question marks. That shit is wack, man.

- One of the girls in my Writing Scripts class won Twenty Thousand dollars on Deal or No Deal. Really.

- And I can't believe it took me this long to recall this, but when I was chatting with Dad on the weekend, one the things we discussed was jobs post Uni. One of his suggestions for me? Working at ASIO.

Seriously. I should be a spy, baby! *starts humming James Bond theme*

And finally, and most importantly: I am going to Queensland next February! WOOT!
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