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The many adventures of dw_anon

God, that meme is amusing me in it's cracked outness right now.

To sum up: A little after it got wanked, the person running it noticed someone had reposted flocked info. So, they deleted the info, and dw_anon had the dubious honour of being possibly the first ever anon meme to be flocked (ie. Not allow anonymous posting).

At which point, people starting fessing up to some of the things they said.

And another post was creating, letting people request to be added to the meme.

After a certain period, it got unflocked again, and so over the last few pages, a bit of hate starts to show up again. Until, in a rather impressive bit of work, the post reaches the full 5000 comments.

And now the meme has reincarnated itself as a love meme. Full of love, and cracked out threads. And some inter-anon bitching.

Oh, fandom, you so crazy.

On the subject of fandom: Doctor Who starts S2 in the US in precisely three weeks. Should I be afraid, or be very afraid?
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