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Having a break. Having a Kit-Kat.

Well it is a weekend so I finally get a break from the utter evilness that is school. Of course, it also meant I could go into town, and do a little shopping, which lead to a rather odd day.

Firstly: the first thing I did on my way into town was to stop in at the local primary school to vote in the good ol' election. Weird atmosphere there - the school was having like a fete or something, which combined with all the voters made it a strangely party-like vibe. Only with, you know, people deciding the future of our country. I put in my absentee vote and all, then toddled around the shops for a while.

I think I have found a dress for our Valedictory dinner at the end of the year - in is on sale at this rather expensive (but great) store. Because it is me, the thing is of course pink, but all shiny and pretty and long, and I feel very girly in it. Which makes a change from all the jeans. Oh, how I wish I had more money to buy stuff at that store!

Then I headed into town proper. I spent a while getting a costume for the end of term Year 12 thingy - the theme is boot camp. So a whole lot of khaki gear, courtesy of the Salvos. And - this is my favourite bit - dog tags (bought from the guy who engraves genuine dog tags) It will be very funky.

Also it seems my geek attracting power is back up at full strength. I ended up spending over half an hour in the bookstore talking to Alan, the geekiest guy I have ever met. Although considering the reason we were drawn into conversation was that I was standing in the sci-fi section, looking at Star Wars novels, I am not far better. So we stood there, discussed about every sci-fi fandom known to mankind, then somehow got onto end-of-school celebrations. It seems that I am doomed in my life to attract only geeky guys. Still, at least in all my geekiness we have something to talk about.

Oh, and in other news, I have finally gone and bought Season 4 of Futurama. Oh, how I love that show...

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