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Life and other extremely silly things

Sorry, for the temporary absence, but things have been a bit busy as of late, Uni-wise (The rush before the mid-semester break, you know. That said, no classes for two weeks, yay!).

Firstly: Yesterday, my Psych lab-report was due in Yesterday. As in, the worth 40% of my final mark one. So, much of Tuesday and Wednesday was spent completing that (just ask nostalgia_lj, whom I chatted with whilst getting references). Still, that's in on time, and over and done with. And that'll the last I mention of that, since no-one is particularly interested in the correlations between intrinsic religious orientation and sense of humour, in relation to the personality trait of seriousness.

And, after the all-nighter that was spent completing that, I went and got a good night's sleep last night. As in 15 hours. I'm quite impressed with myself for that effort, actually.

Reasons why today's Astronomy prac made me headdesk: Because one really needs 13 years of education to enter celestial co-ordinates, and then press the "Take Reading" button.

Oh, and after Uni, me and the Creative Writing class went to see a play, written by one of our tutor's friends. It was... interesting. It had some really affecting bits, some terribly funny bits, and some painfully pretentious bits (including some trying to shove the agenda down my throat, which annoys me, even though I supported said agenda). Still, it was worth the 8 dollars.

I still don't know what I'm going to write my script on. But I think it'll be fourth wall breaking. I feel like writing a direct to the audience monologue. No idea what about, mind.

Now, some net stuff, for those who don't give a damn about my real life:

So, ten Doctors sit down for a game of poker... Or, fun with the doctorwho people.

From the land of unceasing crazy, aka the OG. Now, there is a certain individual at the OG, known for his extremely vocal (one might see even ravingly batshit) hatred of David Tennant's Doctor. And said individual has recently decided to start up a club of Tennant haters, complete with planned website, appeals to authorities to sack Tennant, and t-shirts. Normally, I'd be vaguely upset by this, but this guy's chosen name for his club? The Whovians Against Tennant Society.


(No, considering this guys prior record, this isn't a joke).

Now, I'm just highly amused by the fact I can legitimately call him a twat, and he can't complain. Or the rest of his (apparently) 21 and a half member-strong society.

Oh fandom, you so crazy.
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