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Weekend with Teh Families

So, The Sister and The Mother were in town for a visit this weekend. Which meant, as it were things of entertainment.

Oh, and the Placebo concert, which I may have mentioned previously...

In any case, Friday night was Placebo at Festival Hall, which I went to see with The Sister. Well, as in I took her there, 'cos she didn't know where Festival Hall was.

In any case, we showed up on time, and went to our seats (near the back, but high up, so we could see things). Saw the support act perform - The Howling Bells, whom I actually quite liked - for a while, and then the epic wait for Placebo to get set up and all. Which went for an hour.

And then, the actual show. Um, what to say... I only knew four songs, I think, that they played. But the lighting was freaking awesome, if advisable for epileptics to stay away and for one song kept shining in my eyes and blinding me. But it wasn't a bad show at all, had two encores, and got fairly reasonable audience involvement.

After the show, I took The Sister, and some friends of hers who had come to see the show as well, out to The Croft Institute. I was amused by the fact that they all were asked for ID, but I was told I didn' need to show it. Oh, how amusing it is being the mature one...

In any case, drinks were nummy (My selections were a Cuba Libre, and an Amaretto Sour. Gotta work my way through the cocktail menu, yo), and the music wasn't too bad. Though perhaps not quite what The Sister and co expected of the exciting Melbourne night-life.

On Saturday evening, however, The Mother and The Sister and me went and had dinner at Dracula's, the Theatre Restaurant. Which was much fun - I really do love that place, it's so cool to look at - and had a hilariously cool show. And I got some socks with eyes on them, which is always a good thing.
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