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The Great Zoo Adventure. Or not.

I was going to do a nice little write up of today's Zoo Adventure, complete with my photos from the butterfly house.

But, I have a headache, so I am going to go to bed now. Alas.

Probably shouldn't leave it too long though, or it shall end up like my weekend iTunes post - I had planned to put up a post about how I'd finally reached 3000 tracks on iTunes, and generic rambling about my music selection. However, seeing as the current number of tracks at this moment is 3230, I think that moment has passed. ;)

(I shall not comment on how many of the songs from the last few days are pirate related, though)

That said, I shall leave you with my current bit of musical crack: Time Warp. Sung by The Chipmunks. That song is a drug, I swear!
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