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Shop or Die!

Things I have learnt from posh op-shops:
- Some designer label clothing is really fucking ugly.
- Even when second hand, and in less than perfect condition, Prada shoes are way out of my budget. And Fendi ones are even worse.

I went and bought myself another hat. Because everyone needs a blue, snakeskin print fedora, yo! That brings my fedora collection up to four. The newest has been dubbed "The Pimp Hat".

ETA: NEW NAME! Courtesy of melata_fic, it is now going by... SnakesonnaHat!

Things that are fun: Going into a trendy, expensive clothing store, and having the shop assistant say that she likes your outfit. Especially when you know that all your clothes combined are worth less than the t-shirts she is selling (Well, except the leather jacket).

I also got the new Mars Volta CD. Am preparing to listen to it now.

Also, I have Pocky. Whee!
Tags: clothering, shopping, snakesonnahat!

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