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And my entertainment for today was...

American Gods

Because I really needed to read more Neil Gaiman, and I do love the ideas he come up with. I find his stories fascinating and enthralling, and terribly vivid, and they make me think, and make me imagine...

That said, I sort of miss the sheer fun you get in some other authors. I think Gaiman's brilliant, but I don't enjoy reading his books as much as, say Terry Pratchett or Douglas Adams, or Jasper Fforde, or even, god forbid, JK Rowling (Because even though I freely admit Gaiman is a far better writer than Rowling, he's just not quite as... fun. But I mostly prefer reading children's fantasy than the adult version, so what do I know?)

That said, I love the way his mind works, as some of the similarities from this book and Neverwhere pointed out to me. "Urban fantasy", or whatever people call it these days. Making the real world into the fantastical, hidden worlds just below the surface. Fantasy tied to the real world, a part of it, twisting it... It's a take of fantasy I personal prefer, rather than your classic high fantasy, made up worlds with made up histories and people.

But American Gods was very much Gaiman as I know his stuff. Beautiful and fascinating and complex. Just... perhaps not quite as fun as the man himself seems to be, judging by his blog.

However, little things from the book that amused me:
"Everybody lies." - Channeling House several years before he came into existance.
"Half-demon on her father's side" - Gee, doesn't that sound a little familiar, Doctor Who fans. ;)
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