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An Honourable Mention

Weirdness ensues as we approach the end of the school year. As a year 12 with exams approaching, althouhg they are several weeks off, we have the two weeks before them free of class. Which gives me the grand total of 7 days of actual classes left. Which is scary.

In our house room just before, we were putting up the honour roll (though I don't see why it is called an honour roll when it just lists everyone in Year 12 for the year) All shiny gold letters and all. The had done three out of the twenty-two in my year when I left.

Oh, and we finally got our results back from the Westpac Australian Maths Competition. I got a Distinction (top 5% of the state) which is pretty good considering I guessed on like 10 questions.

Oh, and on the topic of academics, I got back my Chem test from Friday. 15 and a half out of 17, so pretty good - I knew I was going to lose one mark, because I didn't actually do that question.

And on to the learning!

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