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Link link linkity links

And, your next friendly neighbourhood links list is up and about, and reading to be put to work yet again.

Your word for the month is: Crack. Because only a fandom on complete and utter crack can come up with a ficathon for a character we won't actually be seeing for another six months or so.

Also, I like crack fic. ;)

That said, it ain't all crack. Really, I swear!

Past Links Lists can be found here.

Harry Potter

Am I getting predictable yet?

Snakes On Crack. Harry has had it with these motherfucking snakes... Seriously, there are very few things in life quite so entertaining as Snakes on a Plane/Harry Potter crossovers. No matter how short. FACT.

Slytherins on a Motherfucking Resort. Yes, it's complete and utter crack, of the severely insane kind. Complete with meta references, people wondering what the shit has gotten into Voldemort, and hilarious batshitness. And, of course, copious Snakes on a Plane references.

Death Eaters Rocked by Leadership Crisis Oh, HP parodies of RL, how I love you so. Especially when they are cracktastically fun as this one.

Blood Lines. Several years post the second Voldemort war, Griselda Marchbanks gives a speech on the cultures of the Wizarding World, and what how it has changed, for better and for worse. A fascinating take on how the Wizarding World has developed, even more so for a narrator that is aware of pureblood bias, even as she, too displays it.

99 Hermione portraits. Links to a whole lot of different takes on Hermione. It's amazing how differently people can interpret a single character, despite all having the same sources.

The 2005 FemGenFicathon Masterlist. Genfic for all sorts of different HP characters. A great selection of fics that gets away from the shipcentricity of much of fandom.

Doctor Who

Oh, Doctor Who fandom, you are a thing of joy, wonderment, and sheer fucking insanity. But, as always, in the best possible way. Where else would we get a ficathon for a character as yet to be seen on screen?

Seriously, you can't help but love a fandom like this. The crack is canon, baby!


Spoiler system: Anything from before The Christmas Invasion is up top. Below that, I list stories by the last episode they have spoilers for.I'm being nice to the Americanos. (In return, please write some goodfic, m'kay?)

Matrix Record Ψ24389 - ∠ΘCΣ=Πς–/2⊆McCrimmonJ^HerriotZ: Censorship of Historical Documents The real reason why so many of the Second Doctor's episodes are missing...

The Contender A Doctor Who crossover with (get this) the mina_de_malfois verse. The Seventh Doctor and Ace, at a rather unusual rock concert, with a rather unusual performer...

The Girl In The Fireplace

The Slow Path, or Two and a Half Centuries in Two and a Half Days. What if the Fireplace really had been broken, and the Doctor really had been stuck in the past? The Doctor, living life from 1758 to 2007, and the people and things he came across in that time. Complete with some rather amusing old school refs, and questions about just how much of history he did effect.

Army of Ghosts/Doomsday

Do I Dare Disturb the Universe. Set before AoG/Doomsday, but with hints towards it, we have Mickey and Jake as Torchwood workers dealing with their first actual alien arrival. Who happens to go by the name of Romanadvoratrelundar. Both very funny in parts, and surprisingly poignant.

Waking Echoes. A conversation between two women who left the Doctor through alternate universes. If I recall correctly, this originally showed up as an anon fic on dw_anon, and later got claimed by the author. In any case, sad but still somewhat hopeful. And I am rather fond of the last two lines, as well.

Five Times Rose Tyler Didn't Master the Art of Mascara Application Exactly what it says on the tin. A few brief snippets from Rose's life, before, during, and after she travelled with the Doctor.

Blogging On The Blog of one Jack Harkness as he works and lives in Cardiff, and comes to terms with his relationship with the Doctor, both past and present. Certain to be jossed away, but good for now, even if I have some slight skepticism about the characterisation in the end.

And some things with potential spoilers for S3, or just random multi-spoilerage:

The who_otp drabble tag masterlist. Links to dozens of drabbles for pairings of all shapes, sizes and crackiness. Something for everyone, srsly. The drabbles can all be found here. My personal rec of the many? Martha/Reinette Ooh, creepy Doctor...

The Marthathon!. Because only the Doctor Who fandom is mad enough to have a ficathon for a character who won't actually be on screen for another six months or so. There's twenty or so fics to choose from, but some of my favourite were:

- Keeping Up With The Jones. Martha takes the Doctor home to meet her family. Martha's gran is utter love, especially when she and the Doctor are chatting about cricket.

- That Thing You Do. Doctor/Doctor smut, as it were (well, Martha is a Doctor in training...). Talky and bantery and HAWT. *loves on the Doctor calling Martha "Doctor" during sex*

- Expectations. Martha meets up with an old companion of the Doctors, and they chat about companioning. As it were. I totally didn't just invent that word then. Cute and fun.

- Wouldn't You Like To Get Away. A fic with the slightly unusual honour of being the first fic set after the departure of a companion who hasn't yet, technically, arrived. But Martha is lovely, and the dialogue is brilliant, and it's wonderful fun even if some of the minor details are already jossed.

- Stages of Transplant. With a Martha who really is a doctor, wanting to save the world (and fully no-nonsense spikiness) and a Doctor who is trying a different way to deal with companions. And a giant amoeba.

- Lived It Ten Times Or More. Eee, it's a DW/Life on Mars crossover! How can there be anything more awesome than that? Particular because it didn't pull the oh-so-easy Tyler family thing...

- Brighton in February. 13 year old Martha Jones meets a rather interesting man at the beach at Brighton. Who puts some ideas in her head about Doctors. Four and young!Martha, how can you not love it? And the dialogue is quite lovely.

- Brace Yourself. Another Martha meets an old companion fic, this time with Sarah Jane. Including embarrassingly loony oral-fixation Doctor, and very fun dialogue (and companions sympathising with one another).

- Early Shift. Yes, it's another Four and Martha fic, this time with Martha working, and trying to work out who this nutter talking about flesh-eating bacteria is. I very much like the last little bit of it, it's quite amusing.

- Earth Obstetrics Training Doesn't Cover Alien Egg Babies Martha tries to kill the Doctor with a big rock. It's amazing one can do with a prompt like that. Also, how can you go past a fic with this line: "This seems like a dysfunctional relationship," the Doctor said. "I think I like it."

- Genius Wonderful. The Doctor and Martha meet up with some of the Satan Pit crew. Yays for Ida and Martha interaction! And Cheem references! And random hugging.

Gut Hunches. Leo and Mickey fic, set during The Christmas Invasion. Someday, Lickey will be huge. Someday...

And, just for something a little different, Episode Six. Yes, it's some David/Freema RPF. Smutty RPF. I'm allowed to read some of that, m'kay? Also, the last little bit completely makes the fic.

Other Stuff

A Ten Doctors Poker Game. You know, when they aren't being horrificly wanky and all, you can have some rather fun discussions on doctorwho. This was one of the more amusing recent ones: How would a poker game between all ten Doctors go?

The Evil BNF Cabal which runs DW fandom. That was the funnest wank I've seen in ages, srsly.

Speaking of the hatememe, I can't be bothered digging through the thing, but I recommended some threads here and here.

And, over at the OG we have:

My 1000th post party thread!. Slightly out of date, seeing I have made another 100 or so posts since then, but still...

Other Fandoms

Many and varied

Queer Eye for the Fandom Guy.The Fab Five take on assorted fictional males for a makeover. Ah, silly funny brilliant crack.

Pirates of the Caribbean

Jack/Dirt. Because it's the true pairing in Dead Man's Chest, m'kay? Also, very cute chibi art.

882 Ways to Appease the Heathen Gods. Or, a drabbleathon attempting to get a short story for every single one of the pieces of gold in the chest. There's too many for me to have finished, but it's a brilliant concept, with some great drabbles from my skimming.

Pirate Arcana. A series of drabbles, connecting a certain characters, things, and concepts in PotC with those of the Tarot. Image heavy, for those on dial-up, but so damned cool!

5 times Jack, Will and Elizabeth almost got caught having a very piratical relationship. Yes, it's post-Dead Man's Chest Jack/Will/Elizabeth. And it is, indeed, love. Hot love, oh my.

Star Wars

His spirit lives on.... Well, it's Star Wars of a sort, anyway. But it has to be seen to be believed, anyway. (Yeah, it's one of those sort of things.)

Buffy and Angel

All Ways It's a Buffy/Angel/Spike fic (yes, really), set after the Angel finale. And, unlike most OT3 fics I stumble across, it isn't OTP and extra. Lovely, and hot and fascinating. I do need to find more Buffy goodfic...


The Pirates Who Don't Do Anything. Lulz at the funny Firefly vid, especially considering the song is not only very good, but quite fitting in an odd sort of way.

Snakes on a Plane

Serpentes on a Shippe. Geoffrey Chauncer (Who Hath A Blog) and his own take on SoaP, medieval style. Rather too much fun for it's own good.

The Matrix

The Muppet Matrix It's the original trailer for The Matrix. As performed by the Muppets. In CGI. Very cool, and the Muppet character casting amuses me muchly.


That House/Scrubs crossover. I have no idea how I found this, since I only know House vaguely, and have no familiarity with Scrubs whatsoever. That said, it's hilariously funny, and lots of fun, even if I probably missed half the references.

Never Ending Story

Never Ending Party The Never Ending Story characters throw a party. Yeah, it's far from high class humour, but it's an amusingly silly short video.

Dungeons and Dragons

The Carrying Capacity of an Elven Backside: A Moral Tale. Or, lulz at crazy RPG stories. Particularly ones as cracktastic as this.

Things that are not connected to fandom

AKA generic lulz intarweb.

OK Go Amish dancing. Or, a bunch of fans take the rather well known dance from "A Million Ways" and perform it out in the fields. Dressed like Amish people. Check out the related vids, it's amazing the amount of places people have performed this dance.

Creationism explained with a banana and a soda can. This guy is an actual, genuine creationist. Which makes watching the way he uses and talks about the banana (in order to explain how it proves creationism is true) fucking hilarious. Seriously, the things he says...

Turbo Stroker. THERE ARE INFOMERCIALS FOR SEX TOYS??? WTF, internet. Srsly.

Crummy Church Signs. I'm sure the people behind them meant well, but some of the things these people come up with...."Practice Son control, not gun control." WTF? (Also, the person who made the site knows his religion, so the potshots at dodgy theology are backed up)

Lego creations. Some seriously cool stuff, made of Lego. I mean, how can you go past Lego Escher buildings?

Alien Celebrities. Turning celebrities into aliens (of the cliche green with big eyes type). Also known as "Holy shit that picture is creepy!"

2006 Bulwer-Lytton results. You just can't go past the Bulwer-Lytton contest for hilarious writing. Oh, I love it...

Dihydrogen Monoxide Research Division. Are you aware of the dangers of Dihydrogen Monoxide? Many people are killed each year due to excessive exposure or ingestion of it...

How To Destroy the Earth. A handy how to go for all aspiring megalomanics with a grudge against the planet.

Chuckism. Or, a handy short guide to evolution, told through skits. Amused me, anyway.

Infant's Blood Your one stop (online) shop for infant's blood and more! For all your infant's blood related needs. (Check out the recipes...)

But Pope John Paul's Soul! Oh, eBay crack, you never cease to entertain me...

You can even get a Daddy Long Legs on eBay. Worth it for the epic and amusing Q and As down the bottom.

PopURLs. The current most popular links from a variety of different multi-user sites. Great for seeing what's new and exciting (or newsworthy) on teh intarwebz.


Because a constant supply of cat pictures is good for the soul.

Irish Drinking Songs for Cat Lovers. Because some things just defy words. This is one of them.

Cats In Boxes. Exactly what the name implies.

Cats In Bags. As is this site.

Cats In Sinks. And this one too. Not hugely original names, I'll admit.

Cats of the World. There is no such thing as too many cat pictures. Srsly.

Just under 70 links this time. Which is a bit of a cut back from last time. That said, it still works out as about 2 links per day...
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