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My first rec is up at crack_van!

The very first Doctor Who fic I added to my Links List. God, that seems like an age ago - when all we knew about Ten was "new teeth" and I was getting into flame wars with irrational Ten-haters. Almost a year ago now. Weird.

What else has been going on in the universe? The latest from Charlotte had a cameo from a mouse with some serious ethics issues, and it looks like there will be more to come in that saga.

My Creative Writing tute was cancelled today, because the Tutor was sick. Don't know when we'll catch that one up...

Oh, and there was a guy on my tram this morning with a LiveJournal t-shirt.

ETA: Oh, and something I said on otf_w got iconised.

Also, this Friday is the Sugar Ball. Now, though the official theme is "Darkness and Light", pretty much costume-wise you can wear anything at all sci-fi or fantasy. Any ideas of something I could go as (with a quick visit to Savers or similar)?
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