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Random and Fandom.

Next rec up at crack_van! (You really think I could go all month without at least one Ten/Reinette fic?)

In other fandomly news:

Jacob's TCI recap is up. It's as pretentious and tl;dr as ever, but as far as I could tell the word "intimacy" did not show up at all. (If it did I blocked it from my memory). But, I am glad to note, it touches on the "Rose losing her self/humanity" theme multiple times - nostalgia_lj might be interested to hear that. And there's a Peter Pan metaphor used in there at one point. You can kinda tell he's seen all of S2, really.

In fact, Mr Jacob himself went and showed up at the OG TWOP thread. And I was interested at his logic behind this strategy: "Plus, I have to conquer the shippers, don't you see? Or else S3 will be a bitch, and I'm ever so lazy."


On another fandom note, does anyone else find that when people they know and whose opinions they respect find something about their canon rageworthy, you feel vaguely... guilty for just liking the show, and not noticing these things? As in, you can see their point, and you know there are some deep issues in the writing, and yet when you are watching, you love it so much you really don't care? I feel like I'm a bad person for liking things, sometime.

And away from fandom, and onto Uni.

We used Clag in my Astronomy prac today. Clag! At Uni! It made me giggle wildly, it was just so strange. Oh, and Astronomy test results are back. I got 17 out of 20, which I was happy with, considering it's the test out evil teachers sprung on us unexpectedly, and I hadn't studied for.

Wardrobe notes: Hot pink fishnets over purple opaque tights looks really quite funky.

And, some amusing non-fandom wankiness: Have you accepted Jesus Christ as your personal spell-checker?

ETA: People who list their address in public posts worry me a little. No, it isn't anyone on my flist. Which is sort of the point.
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