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This is your brain on sugar

So last night was the FAS2 Sugar Ball (For those not familiar with the ways of Second Floorers, it's basically a costume ball type thing, only, well, heavily budgeted. And instead of having alcohol, we have excessive amounts of sugar. FAS is the Uni's Fantasy and Sci-Fi club)

Costume wise, I was being exceptional lazy, because I couldn't be bothered going to any effort to come up with a good costume. So I defaulted back to a Firefly-style Companion's outfit (because when you have as many items of clothing as I do of Chinese silk in interesting styles, it ain't hard).

Oh, and in the afternoon before it I had another op-shop adventure. Visited Savers (God od Op-Shops), and bought a plain black dress to wear under the red and gold silk bolero jacket. And wandered and browsed a bit, et al.

But, onto the Ball itself.

Things What I Learnt:
- Short Courses Guides do not burn.
- Paper towelling burns rather too well.

...What? Totally isn't a pyro

To explain: At one point in the evening, we had a ritual burning of a section of The Eye of Argon. Which was rather too much fun for words.

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What else? There were some extrememly yummy chocolate... thingies. Apparently obtained from the Reject Shop. As well as music and dancing. And some guy showed up with a Fourth Doctor scarf, which I sadly failed at kidnapping.

Yays random excuses for eating lots of sugar!

ETA: Another rec up at crack_van. Put some good smut into the mix.
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