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Being rather too cynical for my own good

So, according to Teh Papers, yesterday was the second hottest October day on Record. 36.5 degrees Celsius. Yep, this summer looks like it might be less than fun, bushfires and droughts and water restrictions, oh my!

Onto more fandomly events: MsScribe "apologises". Yep, the queen of sockpuppets herself speaks out against the account of her deeds (which, although she denies reading, still claims it is mostly false). As people have commented, MsScibe appears to have a slight lack of sincerity. If by slight, I mean "huge".

In more cheerful topics, the BBC Torchwood site is now live. Yep, it's not long until it starts up. (If you are out of the UK, try this link to see more of the cool stuff - thanks to taraliveson for that).

Conclusions: As much as I do like Jack, I think I might end up watching this show for the rest of the ensemble. Because right now, they are the ones that really interest me. Maybe it's just the "I know nothing about them" factor (which has been known to compel me to certain characters), but still...

I have decided that I shall like Ianto. Because his pissy memo on the flash site is win.

Though as others on my flist have commented, certain things on the site give me a "trying too hard to be edgy" vibe. The excessive darkness, and overwritten angsty character descriptions. And the trailers obsession with the "adultness" of sex and violence. I'm hoping that the series is a little better than it's advertising.
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