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Me and my crazy, crazy brain

So after the Torchwood website became live, and the fandom started it's acceleration, I randomly decided that I loved Ianto. Because he bitched about people stealing his coffee blend, and worried about the pterodactyl.

Also, because he has "hidden depths of anguish and darkness".

Thus, because craziness only feeds off itself, I give you: torchwoodcoffee! Started by myself and dune_drd, we have the first appreciation comm for a Torchwood character who is not Jack.

Join us, and you too might discover what is hidden in those depths of Ianto. Or what's in his secret coffee recipe.

I've never been the boss of a comm before, oh god, oh god, whatever shall I do

And now I must sleep.

Also, I need an Ianto icon.
Tags: fandom: torchwood, keyword-41, keyword-42, my brain is crack

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