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Fandom Brings teh Lulz

Firstly, I have two new recs for crack_van. Admittedly one is for todays Crossover thing, but still...

(The other was a Martha fic. Try and get some positive feeling going in the fandom and all...)

I also updated the profile of torchwoodcoffee (Feel free to make alterations, dune_drd). I have no artistic skills, so I'm sticking with the current layout for now. Hmm. Any suggestions for some comms to request affiliation with?

But my main source of amusement: Nos made a rather amusing post about why Ten > Nine. All fun and happy, yes?

Guess who decided to crash the party? Yes, it's rose_tyler_ herself, who is Not Amused that people dare say less than nice things about her darling woobie Eccleston.

Yeah, I poked the troll. But how could I not, after classic remarks like these:

"Nine was REAL.

Nine made the show REAL.

And my personal favourite: "Don't you DARE spout shit about My Doctor. Chris is an ACTOR. He BELIEVED he was a Timelord with all his being, and he did it incredibly."

Also, apparently if you prefer Tennant to Eccleston, you are not worthy of the fandom.

(She also refers to Rose in the first person, which weirds me out)
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