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Oh, Uni...

So, I am apparently now on the Melbourne Uni SCA committee. Huh.

(My sole qualification was turning up for the meeting, so it was... odd. Oh well.)

Am feeling vaguely bitchy about my Psych tutor, as he said out Lab Reports would be back today, and they were - he just didn't tell us this until after the office they were in was closed for the day. Yeah, helpful.

Oh, and whilst still on Uni, today was our HPS lecture on Time Travel. Which was interesting, even if it didn't cover as much as I would have liked. We also talked a bit about it in the tute on Tuesday - namely, some different theories of travel (based mainly on two short stories, "All You Zombies" by Heinlein, and "A Sound of Thunder" by Bradbury). It was interesting anyway.

And, Doctor Who got a namecheck, which certain people on my flist may be aware of. ;

Yet another rec up. That's more than half, now. Um, yay? Though it does mean lots of icon changing, as I am trying to have suitable icons for each rec.

ETA: SOMEONE DISTRACT ME WITH SOMETHING INTERESTING, PLEASE! Or else I'll get in trouble from the OG mods for being mean to the idiot I am currently debating with.
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