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Drakyndra is looking at spoilers. And tl'dr.

School Reunion recap is up. It's as tl;dr-ish as ever, but you have got to give Jacob kudos for his final line:


Yes, make those shippers explode!

In other fandomness, I is currently reading up on spoilers for the Torchwood preview. Since it isn't Doctor Who, I don't mind being spoiled, so go me. Also, about the Big Huge Spoiler that most people are keeping secret - I shall refer to it, but not actually say what it is. So this won't make much sense unless you know it.

Despite everyone going "OMG IT'S A BIG HUGE SHOCK!" I have to say that I had guessed it. I'm not sure whether that says more about my abilities of guessing plots, or RTD's writing.

That said, from what I've heard about how it's revealed - that's a big shock.

And I want people to tell me more about the Who refs in it, dammit!
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