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Note to self: Do not go immediately from reading discussions of The Girl in the Fireplace to one of your HPS readings on time travel (specifically, on personal vs external time). It makes you start thinking extremely stupid things. Like, that writing your subject paper on personal and external time, as demonstrated in this episode of Doctor Who might actually be a good idea. *facepalm*

And, the other big thing coming up is Torchwood, which is on tonight (UK time, anyway). Which, through my cunning means of time conversion, means that it'll be on from 6am to 7:40, local time. Add in a few hours for it to get online, and then a couple of hours waiting, and I am, shall we say, somewhat skeptical about whether I could obtain it before heading off to Uni.

So, after Uni it is. And, considering the way I expect my flist to go, means I shall have to be avoiding LJ for most of tomorrow. Oh well.

ETA: How does one decide which music to leave off their iPod? Yeah, I have three gig too much to have it all on there, but I love it all! Admittedly, I probably couldn't identify half of it, but what if I feel like listening to that exact song on the tram tomorrow? (Yes, I am the kind of person whose bags are always crammed full of useless junk, just in case I need it. And I never throw anything out)

I feel guilty about leaving songs off. As if they aren't good enough for me. *emos*
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