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Comments on the Wood that was Torched

So, I didn't end up having to get the first ep after Uni myself, at least, because altheas grabbed it for me. However, whilst I watched that I obtained the second, so I have now seen both eps. And I am too tired to watch them both again, so you just get smushed reactions of both episode. I may forget what happened in which one, alas.

Firstly: The look of it all. It does, visually, look utterly stunning. Great sets, great scenery, great dramatic shots. That said, I think they may have done the Big Bold Scenic Cardiff shots just a little. It could get old soon (and they take away from plot time).

Sex, swearing and violence was less gratuitous than I expect. Which is good. (Though the sex addict alien was not to my taste, even if acted well)

The characters:

Jack was, well, Jack. And I like the slightly darker take on him, because it fits with his experience, and I always was vaguely annoyed about how to much fanfic used to woobify him into just "will sex anything" forgetting that once upon a time he was a conman. And he was good at it. I had been spoiled already for the big reveal: ie. the "jack can't die" thing. So, not a huge shock to me - especially because I had kinda predicted it. To quote certain others, Oh Rose, what have you done? (That said, if we go for the TARDIS being the controlling factor in the Bad Wolf deal, it means it was responsible for the immortality. The TARDIS making a friend of the Doctor's (who canonically had issues about people dying) immortal. Dude, do we think the TARDIS ships Jack/Doctor?) Also, one must wonder how Jack found out.

Second thought: Oh, the Doctor is not going to be happy. But it will make for interesting telly. (Side note: So calling a million fics called "The Right Sort of Doctor". )

Oh, and the hand thing was both creepy, but really very sweet. I LOL'd when someone suggested a whole new type of hand!porn.

Gwen: I like her as a character in herself. I HATE HATE HATE the way they are trying to make her the Rose of Torchwood (admittedly, a secret organisation with massive alien tech and all could use the humanising influence.) She seems like a decent character, well balanced, I like the way she interacted with her police coworkers, with her boyfriend (who is an utter sweetie, if a bit stupid) and all. But the second she gets into Torchwood we get her showing people how to me HUMAN, and YOU'RE SO GREAT GWEN and they are shoving Jack/Gwen down our throats even worse than Doctor/Rose and ARGH! She's a well acted and seemingly decent character, stop trying to Sueify her! Trying to work things out through the human element is one thing, but the better people stuff just shits me off.

Owen: He said it himself, he's a twat. An entertaining one, at times, but a prick. He's arrogant and has some serious morality issues going on (and I see why most of my flist hates him). That said, I think he is a fascinating character, in a sort of Snape-esque bastard who you should hate, but still interesting way. Just please let him get some consequences.

Suzie: Dead. Brilliantly acted, and fascinating, but dead. Says it all, really. (Get writing, ficcers!)

Toshiko: She's quite adorable, really. I rather like her, she's fun. Not in it nearly enough yet, but when her misuse of the tech is to speedread books, how can I not love her.

Ianto: NOT ENOUGH IANTO! That said, from what I've seen? LOVE LOVE LOVE HE IS SO MADE OF WIN. He's adorable and fun and smart, and "he looks good in a suit" as Jack said. (Which first made me wonder what Jack will think of Ten's suit, and secondly want to read Ianto/Ten.) "Shall I be attacking, sir?" BESTEST LINE EVER! *tries to work out how to introduce Ianto is a relation to Harriet Jones fanon*

Gimme some more Ianto.

Pterodactyl: MORE, PLZ.

Loved all the Who shoutouts, they were fun.

I loved the fun team stuff, when it wasn't stupid shoehorned "Gwen makes them better people" rubbish.

Stories: The first one was a Pilot Episode. 'Nuff said, almost. Complete Rose ripoff, pretty much, and it wasn't so much of a story as an introduction to concepts and characters. Pity then that the next story was a bit dodgy. It had some great moments - both did - but the sex alien really did feel like a "Look how adult we are!" moment.

I want to really like it - I almost really like it - but something about it just... it comes off a little shallow to me. I haven't the faintest idea why, but even though some of the characters fascinate me, even though there is some great potential there, it just feels a little off to me. Maybe it was watching it in a big rush and not letting it sink in, but stuff like GitF had me crying on the first watch through. I just don't quite feel it with Torchwood. It has good acting, it looks great, it has a great concept there (people with some slightly dubious morality fighting alien crime - just quit with the GWEN MAKES THEM BETTER PEOPLE, m'kay?) it just... feels off. Alas.

I am intrigued by this show, and I'll defintely keep watching, but it doesn't quite yet feel deep enough, feel real enough to me. *sighs*

*gratuitously pimps torchwoodcoffee for all new Ianto fans*

- Loved the fact the TARDIS turned the stone into an Adams-esque SEP.
- The fact Jack admits that Torchwood doesn't know how their stuff works, just that it does? Scary as all fuck. I mean, isn't that how the Ghost Shift crap went down in S2? They had better get called on that. Like, lots. (Get Gwen to do that instead of the sappy humanising crap!)
- Canon MPREG. Hurrah for cracked out canon!
- The CSI: Cardiff line made me LOL.
- Random notes from the Website (the one that posits as the in-house Torchwood one, not the bbc.co.uk one): On discussing the Weevils, it at one point mentions 1930s New York. Guess where an ep of S3 Who is set?
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