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Flashback to Monday

I was going to post yesterday, as I waited for Torchwood. However, since I didn't need that time, the post never happened.

And so now, for your reading pleasure, I bring you Monday's post.

Things What Happened On Monday:
- I managed to shut the door on my finger. As is implied by this, OW!
- The lady at the corner shop gave me a free magazine. Admittedly it's a magazine I never read but hey, it was free!
- In FAS we watched Labyrinth. Graituitous David Bowie crotch shots for the win! Also, after having spent an hour giggling over the crotch shots, we then were treated to a trailer which included this tagline: "The excitement of David Bowie!"
- Watched a video in HPS about the Manhattan Project and Oppenheimer. Which was not the cheeries thing ever. I am reminded of why I like escapist fiction.

Needlessly to say, hilarity ensued.

And, for those who want some wanky entertainment: Super huge Snape-wank on F_W. Oh HP fandom, you always bring the lulz.
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